Automated Guided Vehicles at SSI Schaefer

Higher efficiency and greater flexibility with AGV

  • Flexible and scalable automation of intra-company material flows

  • Sustainable reduction of cycle times

  • Low investment and operating costs

  • Minimal infrastructure construction required

  • Reduction of subsequent costs (by minimizing transport damage and incorrect deliveries)

  • Optimum adaptation to dynamic logistics market requirements

  • Unique configuration of the individual AGV fleet

  • Maximum flexibility for warehouse picking

  • Gentle and safe transport of diverse goods and load carriers

  • Easy integration and low requirements for the (IT) infrastructure

  • Improved ergonomics and optimum material flows

  • Increased operating safety and improved working conditions

  • Suitability for use in demanding environments (deep-freeze environments or hazardous areas)

  • Innovative energy concept (automatic and rapid charging)

  • The greatest flexibility in terms of system adaptations and expansions