Fullfillment Factory

Fulfillment Factory

Fulfillment Factory is a multi-channel shipping solution for efficient distribution in the age of e-commerce

The Internet is changing the way people shop and also creates a vast range of new opportunities to serve customers. Yet regardless of whether you have to make individual or bulk deliveries, the delivery channels themselves are becoming increasingly specific and complex. The Fulfillment Factory solution from SSI SCHAEFER offers a new approach to split case order picking. The solution is specifically designed to handle the modern challenges associated with diversified sales and distribution channels.


The underlying concept of the Fulfillment Factory solution from SSI SCHAEFER is based on overhead conveyor technology with RFID capable carriers. SSI SCHAEFER offers specifically designed load carriers such as bags or containers that are suitable for transporting a broad range of items. This dispatch solution is ideal for diverse products:

  • Clothing and shoes

  • Toys

  • Small electronics

  • CDs, DVDs

  • Cosmetics

  • Medication

The products can be transferred to the Fulfillment Factory from storage or directly upon delivery. The system is suitable for all sales channels and the order scope is completely flexible. When processing the orders, it no longer matters whether you are picking products for a brick-and-mortar business or an e-commerce customer. The articles are not stored separately for each sales channel but rather in a single warehouse.

The Fulfillment Factory compiles the orders with the correct quantities and in the correct sequence, guaranteeing cost-effective and efficient shipping. In addition, this system also makes orders easy to sort and buffer. A Fulfillment Factory system generally includes the flexible dynamic buffering module. As a consequence, fully automatic returns handling and returning or removing individual articles to and from storage are no problem at all.

  • Efficient distribution system for diverse products (clothing, toys, small electronics and more)

  • Cost-effective approach for handling small orders

  • One system can serve diverse distribution channels

  • High throughput thanks to overhead conveyor systems with RFID-capable carriers

  • Fully automatic returns handling

  • Rapid and error-free order picking

  • Sequencing of picked products to optimize packaging and loading

  • Smoother day-to-day workflow

  • Ergonomic work stations

  • Storage-optimized deliveries

  • Flexible and future safe

  • Easily expandable solution that can be modified and enhanced with additional technologies such as storage-retrieval machines (SRM) and various packing technologies in the future

  • Highly scalable system


Brochure Fulfilment Factory EN

Brochure Fulfilment Factory EN

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