Workpiece carrier made from PP for eight parts

Injection molded workpiece carrier

Customized container solutions

In addition to manual handling, dunnage is especially suited for highly automated systems. It is primarily used in production involving automated part removal and the material flow in the automotive supply industry. The customized containers from SSI SCHAEFER are based on the Euro container (KLT) in accordance with VDA standards.

Special plastic injection molding process

The perfectly shaped container is manufactured in one plastic injection molding process as a single piece. The unique aspect is that the container and the inlay are a single unit. The centering unit is the defining element. It is shaped to precisely match the product’s contours, eliminating the need for a separate insert. This approach ensures optimal protection of your products during handling and transport.

Lifting slots and centering boreholes support the horizontal and vertical gripping by automated devices and robots. The vertical walls of the workpiece carrier and the ribbed design provide the necessary stability. In contrast, the smooth floor ensures that it can move along conveyor systems without any impediments. Upon request, SSI SCHAEFER can also equip your container with VDA-compliant 4-side label holders.


  • The highest precision for product positioning

  • Vertical walls with ribs ensure high stability

  • Smooth floor ensures movement on conveyor systems without impediment

  • Eliminates the need to handle an additional inlay

  • Prevents transport and storage damage

  • Reduces costs for one-way packaging

  • Missing parts are immediately noticeable

  • Lifting slots and centering boreholes support the horizontal and vertical gripping by automated devices and robots

Palettisation of filled workpiece carrier

Small Load Carriers

Customized Packaging

LTB container with vacuum-formed insert

Thermoformed load carrier

LTB container with custom made insert (milled baseplate with extruded pins)

Assembled inserts

ELB Cut & Weld

Cut & Weld Container


Customized Packaging

Dangerous Goods Container

No elements available.

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