TOP 25 Logistics Technology Companies 2017

SSI SCHAEFER: Managing and Optimising Intralogistics’ Complexities through WAMAS®

The intra logistics processes, particularly in the Asian landscape, are witnessing complexity with the rising challenges in the logistics sector. As a consequence, other processes relating to it - specifically the order fulfillment and associated manual and automated warehouses - claim for effective process optimization, supervision and visualization. A master in this art is SSI SCHAEFER, whose expert team is focused on delivering apposite intralogistics solutions and IT efficiency at the global platform. The company, with its flagship software WAMAS, controls and optimizes all intralogistic processes–manual as well as semi- and fully automated. With the assurance to serve state-of-art technologies, the software works on superior remedies for the logistics sector. The software can be implemented in any warehouse irrespective of its size, providing extensive functionalities that take care of warehouse management, oder fulfillment, material flow and goods tracking.

WAMAS is defined as a modular solution which seamlessly integrates SSI Schaefer as well as 3rd party intralogistics. “WAMAS is a customizable solution that can use an extensive range of options for managing and controlling manual and automated intralogistics operations and comes with open interfaces for a smooth communication with our clients’ ERP system,” elaborately explains, Xavier Perello Pairada, Managing Director, South and South East Asia. Moreover, WAMAS acts as a strong link in SSI Schaefer’s clients’ logistics chain by monitoring the entire process of goods delivery. Thus, with the help of WAMAS, SSI Schaefer drives in the most desired outcomes to its clients’ businesses by adding value, flexibility, transparency and scalability to its otherwise extensive range of intralogistics system solutions.

SSI Schaefer’s APAC headquarter is in Singapore whereas it has manufacturing plants located in China and Malaysia. The company has other APAC locations in Australia, Malaysia, India, Philippines, Thailand, Hong Kong, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam and Indonesia. The organization is one of the frontrunners in the logistics business whose expertise contribution meets all its clients’ challenges along with making intralogistics easier, faster and efficient. Since logistics consists of high level complex operations, SSI Schaefer confers a wide range of solutions driven by one software product, which analyze and guaranty an optimum integration with SAP and other ERP systems and modules for intra-logistics processes. In a way, WAMAS is the most suitable and user-friendly software in conducting transparent monitoring and controlling over countless processes developing in a company’s warehouse and to create modules for flexibility and sustainability in warehouse related functionalities. “We manage the complete implementation of the WAMAS solution, starting from initial system configuration that includes end-to-end customization, to the development of individual enhancements and also the configuration of all system interfaces that are necessary for project-specific requirements,” adds Pairada.

SSI Schaefer proffers comprehensive package of intralogistic solutions ranging from consultation of process optimization, technical system solutions, controls and IT software and hardware to the implementation as well as customization of logistical solutions. Schaefer is also supported by SAP – as a certified partner - to provide the implementation of SAP-EWM if requested. Apart from these, it is worth mentioning that SSI Schaefer has recently completed a number of projects in Singapore and the region, incorporating amongst others a brand new system for e-commerce, a logistics hub for a 3PL operator, covering almost 550 thousand sqft of area, several ASRS systems of various sizes as well as order fulfillment system in several industries. SSI Schaefer also has signed a new project with an e-commerce client based in Hong-Kong and has set up a brand new technology centre in China. Aiming to bag more such projects ahead, SSI Schaefer wants to explore more in its upcoming days by increasing efficiency and sustainability in its economic progress.

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