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Reusable Containers are the First Choice

The current discussions about climate change and how to handle plastic waste are increasingly influencing social thinking and action. As a result, in more and more companies environmental and sustainability aspects are playing an important role in investment decisions. This also applies to packaging solutions in intralogistics.

With smaller load carrier and packaging units, many companies rely on disposable cardboard boxes or plastic packaging. What is initially perceived as a quick and easy solution causes large amounts of waste, and even environmentally harmful substances, after use. In addition to the worldwide effects of plastic waste, the increasing legal requirements also require a paradigm shift. The better solution? Reusables transport systems. After all, they pay for themselves over their entire life cycle, last for years and can be completely recycled.

“We already pay attention to environmentally friendly plastics, additives and colors when selecting raw materials.”

Thomas Jettkant, Head of Project Sales Bespoke Packaging at SSI SCHAEFER

In addition to the sustainable production of long-lasting products, SSI SCHAEFER also applies an integrated long-term approach that extends beyond the life cycle in terms of the ability to recycle used containers. With an appropriate compensation model, financial incentives in favor of recycling can also be offered, providing for a win-win situation for all sides.

Intelligent and Safe Transport of Products

In addition to the sustainability aspect, durable and sturdy plastic containers offer additional advantages: In particular, they ensure a trouble-free and accurate flow of the semi-automatic and fully automated logistics processes, and the containers securely protect sensitive products from damage and electrostatic discharge. They can also be stacked in a stable and space-saving fashion.

Especially in view of international production associations and affiliate networks, container labeling is essential to keeping track of the container inventory in circuits of this kind. In addition to EAN (European Article Number) bar codes for logistical circuits and automatic applications, SSI SCHAEFER also offers a concept, which involves marking containers with a QR code for tracking at the factory. The code leads to a landing page where a variety of information on the content and circulation of the container or contact persons can be stored making the processes transparent and easy to understand.

Early on, SSI SCHAEFER has adopted the guiding principle of "Green Logistics". The company develops sustainable systems and solutions, designed for energy and resource efficiency, e.g. storage and retrieval machines with minimized energy requirements. In addition to measures for high environmental compatibility, SSI SCHAEFER is also consistently pursuing the concept of sustainability in social terms with regard to safety and ergonomics.

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