LMB containers on a tray for vertical lift module LogiMat®

Special containers for storage lifts

Clever storage for small parts
The LMB storage lift container series has been specially designed for use with vertical storage lifts. It is optimized for a tray depth of 800 mm and can also be divided up with additional partitions. This enables rapid and easy adaptation to your stored articles. Furthermore, it facilitates the optimum use of the space available for each tray.

The unique clip-in system for the partitions prevents the stored articles from slipping through. Up to six partitions with a 100 mm grid size can be used in each container. In addition, the containers also feature angled surfaces for stickers such as barcodes, etc

Benefits at a glance:

  • Enormous space savings through maximum use of the trade depth

  • Various shapes: 100, 200 or 400 mm wide

  • Various heights: 100 or 200 mm high

  • Ergonomic access from above

  • Angled surfaces for stickers

  • Light and sturdy PP material

  • Easy to clean

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