Vertical Storage Lift LogiMat SLL

Benefits at a glance

  • Storage capacity to almost twice the height as a static storage solution with the same area

  • All rim and tire sizes up to a diameter of 800 mm can be stored

  • Storage of wheels with spikes is possible

  • Compliant with occupational safety regulations as the, in some cases, heavy assembled wheels may not be lifted manually

  • Mobile carriage enables wheel stacks to be quickly stored and retrieved from the ground using a forklift

  • Reduced operating and real estate costs thanks to the system’s outstanding space utilization

  • Equipped with a state-of-the-art PLC

  • Carriage loads up to 50 t, carriage length up to 50 m

  • Modular design options

  • High flexibility, quality, and durability

  • Diverse range of combinations

  • Comprehensive support