SSI SCHAEFER and La Costeña®: Breaking logistics paradigms

In order to break logistics paradigms and change the actual shape of its supply chain, La Costeña®, one of the biggest food caning manufacturers of Mexico, worked together with SSI SCHAEFER to develop a major logistics project, that aims to increase storage capacity, picking efficiency and dispatch production.


Currently, about an 80% of the company´s production is centralized in Ecatepec de Morelos and for this reason they need to have much more efficient material flow. In order to achieve this goal, SSI SCHAEFER and La Costeña® are building a 6.820 m² with a state-of-the-art technology that Mexico has never seen before. The special feature of the project lies in the integration of the existing warehouses to the new logistics center, which was perfectly tailored to the customer's needs. An integrated, central picking system plays an important role in future processes. With the new distribution center, La Costeña® will have the desired flexibility and scalability in terms of performance and storage space

For this purpose, SSI SCHAEFER is constructing a 6-aisle channel storage system designed from two modules with a total of 28,332 pallet storage locations. The two modules are connected to each other by pallet conveying systems. In each of the two modules, three Exyz storage-retrieval machines (SRM) are used. The SSI Exyz are each equipped with SSI Orbiter LHD as load handling device (LHD). The Orbiter moves the pallets on the lower levels of the racking system in the multi-deep channels. In the upper area of the rack aisles, six SSI Lift & Run systems are working per module. They also have SSI Orbiter LHD. The order pallets ready for dispatch are buffered there.

For optimal material flows, SSI SCHAEFER will install a total of 1.4 km of pallet conveyor technology, 13 vertical lifts to supply two picking levels as well as numerous peripheral devices, such as automated label applicators, film wrappers and information displays for the loading status. To ensure the stability and safety of the operation, SSI SCHAEFER contributed with a very detailed soil analysis, in which it considered the size of the warehouse, the number of employees, the weight of the loads and the fact that the construction is in a seismic zone. The results of the studies were incorporated into the planning of the racking system and thus made a decisive contribution to plant optimization. Completion of the logistics center is scheduled for 2021.

A special project

SSI SCHAEFER has always understood the needs and growth of La Costeña® and, for this reason, has offered them the best solution, with the latest technology and a totally innovative project. This commercial and technical relationship has brought to both companies a mutual experience, which will meet the needs of their current and future markets.