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Nowadays, timely service for customers with intralogistics solutions goes far beyond the provision of spare parts and the maintenance of systems. Every day, customers are confronted with new challenges in their business environment which need to be dealt with as quickly as possible; this is made all the more essential due to e-commerce and the rapid shortening of delivery times.

Many of the changes that need to be made as a result of these challenges affect the customer's suppliers and partners directly, including SSI SCHAEFER.

This is exactly where Life Time Key Accounting comes in. The idea behind it is to give the customer the best possible advice throughout the entire lifecycle of an intralogistics system, to attend to all of their concerns, and to offer support in implementing changing processes.

So-called Life Time Key Account Managers support the customer for years from the very first project and work continuously with them to develop new strategies that will help them succeed in their business environment. To achieve this, these managers must have a detailed knowledge of the customer's processes and the general conditions within the industry or market sector as well as the products from SSI SCHAEFER.

From the best bins for specific purposes and the use of suitable technologies for transport within the warehouse to order picking and the mapping of processes within the WAMAS software, Life Time Key Account has the necessary expertise and network of experts with the connections to develop and implement suitable solutions.

To share this knowledge with our customers and at the same time enhance it, Life Time Key Account Managers are expected to participate in special training programs provided by the SSI SCHAEFER Campus. There is also a continuous exchange of information with the SSI SCHAEFER product development team to ensure that future customer requirements and innovations on the logistics scene can be brought into the SSI SCHAEFER product world as quickly as possible.

While tackling these complex challenges, it is important not to forget the more basic service issues. The Life Time Account Manager agrees service schedules, creates offers and quotations for customers, and is also the point of contact for any problems that need to be resolved immediately.

What are the advantages of this type of support?

There are clear advantages for both parties - the customer has a dedicated contact person who has known them from the very beginning and is therefore able to respond quickly and highly efficiently to their needs. The advantage for SSI SCHAEFER lies in developing individual solutions for the customer as cost-effectively as possible and thereby securing both customer loyalty as well as a competitive advantage.

In practice, there are already countless installations where Life Time Accounting Management has created a win-win situation for both parties for several years. Shared success stories show that this type of customer support is exactly the right way to move forward into the future, which is why SSI SCHAEFER plans to develop and expand it further. It is only if our customers are successful on the market that we can expect to do the same.

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From his previous professional fields, Martin Frischenschlager brings several years of experience in a variety of sectors within the SAP environment, the sector of healthcare and the financial sector to the SSI Schaefer Group. He held management positions in project management and worked successfully as VP or SVP in realization as well as service areas of the IT sector.
Since the beginning of 2018 he is the Vice President in charge of the division IT Business Operations at SSI SCHAEFER. This business division is responsible for a long-term and successful partnership with existing customers in terms of strategic as well as operative areas.

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