An Exclusive Interview With Nahdi’s Chief Supply Chain Officer

In March 2022, Nahdi Medical Company (Nahdi) launched its first automated pharmaceutical distribution center, IMDAD, located in Jeddah Second Industrial City as part of developing its core capabilities to support the company’s strategy. Covering an area of 250,000 m², the advanced facility features temperature-controlled logistics and employs cutting-edge technology and systems to automate the order fulfillment process.

In an interview with Global Supply Chain Magazine, Eng. Yasir Jamal, the Chief Supply Chain Officer at Nahdi, unravel the strategic intricacies and pivotal milestones that have shaped this remarkable year of innovation and automation.

Q: How has the incorporation of the automated solutions from SSI SCHAEFER influenced Nahdi’s competitive positioning to adapt to changing market demands and trends within the industry?

He explained, “The incorporation of SSI SCHAEFER’s solutions has revolutionized our competitive positioning. We’ve streamlined our operations, which prepared us to be adaptable to changing market demands and trends. On top of that, data-driven decision-making has become integral to our approach. The enhanced customer experience is a direct result of our efforts, and accuracy and timeliness in order fulfillment have been significantly improved.”

“Thanks to WAMAS, SSI SCHAEFER’s proprietary logistics software, our maximum daily picking capability is up to 100,000 order lines exceeding 5,500 shipping totes since the pickers do not need to walk down endless aisles to locate and consolidate the products,” Eng Yasir Jamal continued.

Data is power. Many successful organizations establish their footwork into robotics and automation through the power of data. Likewise, in Nahdi, data helps the company generate insights and exposes gaps for improved performance, higher efficiency, and profitability. The digital transformation has yielded a significant sum of investments in its capabilities, particularly with a strong logistics analytics system.

By automating key processes in order fulfillment workflow, companies can eliminate many of the errors and inaccuracies that can occur with manual operations. The speed of picking and packing of orders would also be improved tremendously, reducing the time it takes to get the orders to customers. Real-time tracking and monitoring of orders is also important to prioritize deliveries and optimize routes for delivery by meeting tighter delivery windows and hence, fulfilling promised delivery times.

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SSI SCHAEFER’s Pick by Light paperless picking system which pairs perfectly with the conveyor system

Q: What is your one golden rule on embracing automation for the uninitiated?

“Evaluate the available automation technologies and partners that align with your objectives and requirements. Consider factors such as scalability, ease of integration, security, and suppliers’ support. It’s also important to consider additional factors like data quality and security, and the importance of continuous improvement. An ongoing commitment to optimization and refinement is critical for a successful automation journey.”

He continued, “If you’re unsure where to begin, SSI SCHAEFER is the recommended partner of choice to guide you through your design and consultancy phase up till the implementation phase with over 80 years of industry experience.”

Eng. Yasir Jamal concluded, “Ultimately, automation is the cornerstone in our pursuit of excellence. We firmly believe that it plays a pivotal role in elevating customer satisfaction by ensuring operational efficiency, unwavering compliance with industry standards, and, most crucially, the consistent and timely delivery of critical medical supplies.”

This article was originally published in the December 2023 Issue of Global Supply Chain’s magazine. Read the full interview here (page 26 – page 29) here.

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