Smart Robotics Application for High-Speed Picking & Guaranteed Process Stability

The wide range of modular, scalable automation solutions by SSI SCHAEFER covers the steadily growing requirements for goods handling in the healthcare and cosmetics industries. Modern piece picking robots with integrated scan functionality ensure efficient picking as well as precise identification and verification of products to conform with regulations for tracking and tracing.

Especially in the healthcare industry, there are a number of regulations with regard to pharmaceutical drug safety standards to protect patients. At the same time, the perfect traceability of goods must be ensured throughout the course of stringent quality management processes. In this challenging environment, cutting-edge robotics acts as a fixed component for efficient and economical logistics 4.0. SSI SCHAEFER offers a new piece picking application — a fully automated solution for picking, identification, documentation and control.

Next-generation piece picking

The high-performance piece picking robot for automated single-piece picking integrates seamlessly into holistic logistics systems. These precise picking components cover all kinds of order structures and guarantee a constant performance – independent of ambient conditions or ergonomic requirements. Integrated cameras gather every individual product and ensure 100 %  verification at all times. This enables consistent track and trace of Rx pharmaceutical items.

Software modules for holistic logistics applications

Software Solutions for your logistics

The mastermind of the industrial image processing solution is the Vision software module contained in the standard logistics software WAMAS®. The software solution guarantees safe and error-free identification of individual pieces. Another central element is the Robot Material Flow Controller (RMC). With processed 3D data, movements of the robotic system are adapted to the profile of the current workflow. Combined with WAMAS®, an intelligent system covering all tasks, from picking sequences to mastering data administration, is created and enables sequenced order picking. Users benefit from maximum flexibility and optimum results by perfectly coordinated IT systems.

Intelligent overall system
The piece picking application is especially suitable for slow and medium movers and can be combined with different conveying systems to form an intelligent overall system. Applied in pharmaceutical wholesale applications, the robot can seamlessly integrate into a bin conveying system. Order goods are thus picked directly from the storage bin into the order bin. Meanwhile, products are scanned to enable unambiguous verification of serial and batch numbers as well as the expiration date. In online business, as an example mail-order pharmacies, the robot picks order items directly into a pouch sorter and forms a highly dynamic and efficient solution for picking and sorting for e-commerce applications. The scanning process to comply with EU regulations for tracking &  tracing is done at the same time. Robotic applications can also be combined with automated guided vehicles and piece good sorters. 

Your Benefits:

  • Process safety

  • Constant performance: independent of product size and weight, working times, ambient conditions or ergonomic requirements

  • Low error rate

  • Possibility to check serial number, batch number and expiration date  automatically thanks to intelligent product scanning technology

  • Consistent 24/7 performance

  • Hardware, software and industrial image processing from a single source

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