SSI SCHAEFER at Vietfish 2022

SSI SCHAEFER participated in Vietfish, one of the largest aquaculture trade shows in Southeast Asia from 24 – 26 August 2022. One of the event highlights includes the sharing of solutions to keep pace with the market growths and challenges of not only seafood logistics but also for other businesses in the cold chain industry. Professionals across various backgrounds – manufacturers, seafood processors, traders, suppliers, and retailers congregated and were introduced to new warehouse material handling products and technologies via live solution demonstrations that are targeted to optimize their warehousing goals.

Market Challenges in the Current Climate

In Asia, cold chain operating cost is on an uprising trend due to the lack of physical resources and the global pandemic outbreak. Factors such as land scarcity, energy cost increase and manpower shortage continue to affect the way cold chain business grows and operates. Temperature control limitations and product shelf life are also other challenges faced by the seafood industry experts due to non-optimal temperatures caused by the inconsistent airflow within the storage warehouse. Without a proper system set in place, the storage chillers are highly prone to operate at varying undesirable temperatures – causing food damages. These are just the tip of the iceberg on how storage and contaminants concerns can affect the seafood industry and impact their business.

With these current struggles, what are some possible cost-efficient measures that logistics managers can and should consider? How can working with the right design and implementation consultancy partner help to optimize the entire materials flow?

Flexible Racking System for Large and Heavy Goods

Mobile Racking System (MRS)

SSI SCHAEFER exhibited the Mobile Racking System (MRS) which is the perfect solution to store large and heavy deep-freezing goods. Not only can it withstand up to -30 degree Celsius, but the MRS is also capable of reducing storage footprint by up to 45% yet increases storage capacity to nearly 85%. It is an exceptionally compact system due to its vertical volumetric storage structure. These means that a warehouse staff walks lesser to access the goods and reduces the number of unnecessary touches or goods movements (critical to uphold the food hygiene and contamination integrity).

Operating temperature-controlled warehouse is expensive and labor intensive unless the warehouse owners are able to reduce the overall operational and maintenance cost. Simply zoning off a cold storage space from ambient storage space would help to reduce the electricity required ..since the cold storage space is more contained and relatively smaller (less energy is required to chill it to a sub-zero temperature), which in turn, can help businesses save a substantial amount of energy costs in the long run.

Features of SSI SCHAEFER’s Mobile Racking Systems (MRS) to optimize your operations:

  • Modular concept – Customizable to specific warehousing needs

  • Compact and dense storage medium – Able to optimize storage capabilities

  • Emergency stop switches – Ensures accident-free workplace

  • Modern control system – Allows integration between any warehouse management systems in the market

Solution for Warehouses within Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises


Equally as important as having a systematic hardware solution, warehouse management systems such as WAMAS® GO! software further enhance the efficiency of goods storage and retrieval. This combination is one of the ideal solutions for small to mid-sized warehouses with manual storage systems as the software comes with an extensive range of warehouse management functions with a broad spectrum of interfaces to ERP and other third-party systems. During Vietfish 2022, SSI SCHAEFER showcased how WAMAS® GO! is a future-proof strategy as it is able to grow with specific business requirements because of its modular scalability.

WAMAS Integration with MRS

WAMAS Integration

At a glance, WAMAS® GO! provides a set of data overview for specific projects to support and optimize warehouse processes for incoming goods, storage, transport, picking and outgoing goods.

Vietfish 2022 Team

Vietfish Team 2022

Crowd Surrounding Booth at Vietfish 2022

Vietfish Booth

Ready to Future-Proof Your Warehouse Storage Cold Chain Operations?

Re-think your temperature-controlled storage using a combination of the Mobile Racking System solution and the WAMAS® warehouse management system. We are happy to hear from you here.

Mobile Racking System (MRS) 

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