Why Visibility Across all Facilities is Key in Warehouse Management

The ability to know which product is where and how much is present is critical knowledge for a warehouse operator.

Not knowing can be a nightmare, but all too often, it’s the case in a manual environment. Couple that scenario with multiple manual facilities, and you have double the frustration. Without a system in place, it is difficult to track inventory and even more so to accurately forecast what’s needed to fulfill orders in the pipeline. With a warehouse management software (WMS) solution, inventory accuracy and traceability is a given. However, there are several features that you need in order to ensure a smooth operation.

First, insist on tracking in real-time. Real-time access grants operators the most up-to-date information about available inventory. Second, insist that your WMS has the ability to track inventory within multiple locations. This feature is key for any multi-facility operation that needs to track all inventory. Plus, having visibility into multiple facilities will allow you to scale as your operation grows.

Even for the smallest of warehouse operations, a good WMS is key to everyday management. Plus, real-time data is essential for anyone managing an e-commerce fulfillment operation. Furthermore, implementing a WMS solution will allow you to optimize your facility, improve order fulfillment, and reduce inventory loss.. Plus, having visibility into multiple facilities will allow you to scale as your operation grows.

Operating a successful business within a manual warehouse is doable, and with a strong WMS, many challenges you have experienced can be alleviated. A good WMS offers you a greater confidence in your operations and even greater efficiency for your customers.

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