Harnessing the E-commerce Boom: SSI Schaefer at Seamless Middle East 2023

Expertise shared on-site paves the way to optimize warehouses for growth

SSI Schaefer, a leading provider of turnkey solutions for intralogistics, is offering exclusive, complementary one-on-one sessions with its experts at Seamless Middle East 2023, aimed at helping retailers and distributors navigate the rapidly evolving e-commerce landscape in the region and beyond. Sessions will offer tailored, individualized insights to optimize intralogistics for e-commerce and to explore the path to warehouse automation.

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The Middle East has witnessed a significant surge in e-commerce in recent years, particularly in the UAE and Saudi Arabia. This upward trajectory is projected to continue, growing by $20 billion in value from 2022 to 2026, and expansion is largely driven by increasing internet and mobile phone usage, the need for convenience, and innovation in the tech sector. Booming sales also come with challenges for e-commerce fulfillment, and online and omni-channel retailers and their suppliers have had to quickly scale up fulfillment capabilities. To help these companies adapt to burgeoning e-commerce customer demand, SSI Schaefer is demonstrating the key role intralogistics and warehouse automation can play.

Optimizing warehouses to harness the digital economy

Whether online or offline retailers, session participants can look forward to learning from SSI Schaefer’s e-commerce experts about how they can adjust current warehouse infrastructure to the growing volume of e-commerce orders and deliver efficient, fast, flexible, and error-free fulfillment. SSI Schaefer is also sharing practical insights and strategies for taking the first steps toward automation with existing warehouse automation solutions; handling operations in volatile, highly competitive markets; and creating scalable processes and flexible systems that can be upgraded and expanded as needed.

  • Key takeaways participants can expect from these sessions include:

  • Ensuring 100% delivery capability during peak periods, such as "White Friday" or “Cyber Days"

  • Implementing zero-error picking and cost-optimized logistics operations

  • Achieving short cycle times and high transparency in material flow

  • Solutions for handling heterogeneous product assortments

  • Efficient handling of smaller delivered quantities, single-item orders, and prioritized premium orders

  • Reducing and better managing returns processing

  • Understanding the impact of government regulations, such as weight restrictions for order picking, on business operations

  • Leveraging ergonomic factors to create an attractive work environment and address skilled worker shortages

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Contact Person

Allison Kho Head of Marketing APAC & MEA Phone No.: +65 6863 0168 Mail: allison.kho@ssi-schaefer.com