SSI Mobile Robots at the Service of Lesage Prestige’s Material Flow

The Lesage Prestige family business, specializing in exceptional meats and delicatessen products, entrusts SSI SCHAEFER, a leading provider of modular warehousing and logistics solutions, with the reorganization and optimization of its order preparation. Their current facility in Chemy, France, enables them to deliver meat parcels within 24 to 48 hours. Following strong business growth Lesage chose SSI SCHAEFER to rethink their order picking activity by integrating a fleet of RackBot from the spectrum of SSI Mobile Robots in combination with PR 600 racking systems.

For over 70 years, Lesage has specialized in the import and distribution of luxury meats and gourmet products. Their catalog includes a wide range to supply France's finest tables.

François Lesage, General Manager (Purchasing and Production) at Lesage Prestige, explains: “To match the strong growth of our business, we’re currently facing some challenges. We need to save space, but we also have to improve ergonomics and increase our productivity. Thanks to the preliminary analysis, SSI SCHAEFER offered us a solution that fits best to our needs.”

Together they designed a new automated storage and picking area. This involved analyzing the entire organization to reduce manual and less efficient picking in favor of an agile, ergonomic and innovative automated solution. This new cold chain facility, directly connected to production via a conveyor system, will be equipped with SSI Mobile Robot technology and will increase productivity in an environment between 0°C and 2°C.

Before the RackBot AMRs are installed, the current storage area will be dismantled and replaced by PR 600 racking systems from SSI SCHAEFER. The new storage area will comprise five aisles of racking almost five meters high. It will enable Lesage Prestige's products to be stored more densely and reduce the energy consumption associated with the area's refrigeration.

The integrated RackBots will eliminate the distances covered each day by operators in order picking and improve goods flow performance. Once installed, they will pick the bins from one of the 3,600 locations provided and deliver them directly to the Pick by Light order picking stations. With five RackBots in operation during peak periods, the solution will be able to achieve a performance of 340 bins delivered and stored per hour. To absorb supplier delivery peaks in the morning, a RackBot Port buffer system will be installed. This latest-generation buffer storage system can deliver or re-inject up to eight bins simultaneously.

The new solution will be integrated into Lesage’s IT Structure and be connected to the existing ERP system. The team from SSI SCHAEFER will supervise the whole process. This interface will enable fleet management, inventory management, batch numbers, traceability and real-time flow visualization.

With a lead time of less than 12 months, the realization of this holistic robotized solution is scheduled for the first quarter of 2024.

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