SSI Single

The SSI Single from SSI SCHAEFER offers you a number of options for flexibly transporting hanging goods. The solution carries out all of your transporting, accumulation, and buffering needs with only three basic conveyor types.

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Flexible overhead transport on horizontal and vertical conveying sections

The SSI single serves to transport and sort individual clothes hangers on both horizontal and vertical conveying sections. This universal solution enhances efficiency, especially in the fashion industry and at laundry facilities.

High-quality materials ensure that the SSI Single system is exceptionally robust. Standardized connections enable the individual conveyors to be combined and seamlessly linked to create lines.

Benefits at a glance:

  • Usable as a storage and transport system

  • Intelligent overhead conveyor with a universal modular system

  • Single part identification or train formation

  • High system throughput

  • Transport weight of up to 3 kg per clothes hanger

  • No empty storage and no empty section buffers required

  • Delivery to the front, right, and left

  • Special machines can be integrated easily

  • High operator safety

  • Low noise operation

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Thanks to the lightweight aluminum construction and the use of plastic injection molded parts, the SSI Single from SSI SCHAEFER has a low total weight. This minimizes the loads on the supporting construction and the building structure. A lean modular system simplifies and optimizes both the assembly and the spare parts stocks. The reduced parts diversity also decreases the amount of training required. The system can be combined with special machines such as telescopes or packaging machines without any modifications. Furthermore, the SSI Single is both very safe to use and distinguished by its low noise.

Following conveyor types and function units are utilized on both horizontal and vertical conveying sections:

Manual conveyor:
​​​​​​​Used for low-volume sections and suitable for manual process steps such as quality inspections, labeling or ironing.

Pin conveyor:
Used as a lowering or connecting conveyor, it serves to switch levels on horizontal and vertical sections.

Multi-pin conveyor:
Like the pin conveyor, it is also used to switch levels and the defined clothes hanger spacing guarantees seamless product transport.

Clip conveyor:
The low dynamic pressure conveying system is suitable for transporting, accumulating, and branching clothes hangers on horizontal and vertical conveying sections.

Ladder conveyor:
The universal letter conveyor serves as both a pure transport and storage conveyor and as a high-speed sorter.

Case Study Stockmann

For the Finnish department store chain Stockmann, SSI SCHAEFER developed an overall solution which is designed for a performance of 55,000 order lines with 180,000 individual items per day.

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Case Study Stockmann
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