Carton and bin conveying system

Reliable, fast and with reduced energy consumption – this is how the SSI SCHAEFER carton and bin conveying system transports goods in the warehouse.

bild karton- und behälterfördertechnik neue generation

Carton and bin conveying system

Efficient transport of bins, cartons and products up to 50 kg

Reliable, fast and with reduced energy consumption – this is how the SSI SCHAEFER carton and bin conveying system transports goods in the warehouse. It simplifies processes, enables smooth material flows and supplies the various storage areas with the right goods efficiently, and in a timely manner.

Variety of load carriers and functions

The conveyor system by SSI SCHAEFER is suitable for small load carriers up to 50 kg, such as bins, cartons, trays and polybags, which are not only transported on the conveying system according to type, but also mixed. The carton and bin conveying system can also sort, transfer, buffer and accumulate load carriers.

High flexibility due to modular system

From warehouse automation to production and machine integration – the SSI SCHAEFER carton and bin conveying system covers a wide range of applications. Thanks to an intelligent and modular system concept, the perfectly matched conveying system components can be individually combined, giving customers a highly flexible and scalable system. Application of the system in deep-freeze areas down to -28°C is also possible.

New generation of conveying system increases energy efficiency and system availability

SSI SCHAEFER has many years of experience in the implementation of conveyor systems in a wide range of industries worldwide. Through a consistent development of the Maintenance 4.0 approach and with a powerful control system and electronics, the latest generation ensures:

  • Reduced energy consumption

  • Higher throughput

  • High system availability

  • Modern design

This is made possible by the use of CAN bus technology, smart control and 48-volt drive technology. Thanks to larger and more efficient power supply units, there are fewer waste losses and increased energy efficiency. The increased performance of the hardware, the new control system and the intelligent combination of components lead to an increase in performance of up to 30%.

The interlinked data exchange between the systems provides the basis for a predictive maintenance strategy. Thanks to the visualization with WAMAS® Lighthouse, the collected data in the warehouse can be made transparent and visible in real time. Maintenance is only carried out when it is actually required and not according to fixed time intervals. Perfectly functioning components remain in use for as long as possible, which extends their service life and reduces investment costs.

Benefits at a glance

  • Modular components can be combined to a scalable overall system and easily connected to other systems

  • Wide range of applications including use in deep-freeze environment down to -28°C

  • Fewer waste losses with the same performance and use of pneumatic-free technology

  • Efficient use of energy by adapting the speed to the actual technical performance

  • Avoidance of around 31 tons of CO2/year through streamlined design and reduction of plastics

  • Increase in technical performance by up to 30% thanks to more efficient hardware, new control system and intelligent combination of components

  • Predictive maintenance strategy thanks to interlinked data exchange and real-time visualization

  • No unnecessary replacement of smoothly working components

  • Avoidance of system downtimes

  • Standardized plug & play system and slender cabling

  • Fast implementation and commissioning thanks to central interface

  • High-quality components thanks to a robust, unbreakable roller design

Powerful, sustainable and in a modern design

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