Pallet dynamic flow racks

SSI SCHAEFER pallet dynamic flow racks ensure that the first pallets stored are also the first to be removed (FIFO). In addition, you benefit from the exceptionally efficient area and space utilization in your warehouse.

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Pallet dynamic flow racks

FIFO is the clever storage concept

Pallet storage using the FIFO principle (first-in-first-out) is an effective solution if you store goods with an expiry date or have to monitor batches and product series. The first pallets stored are also the first ones to be removed (FIFO). The pallet dynamic flow racks  – also known as ‘pallet live storage’ – also play an important role as buffer warehouses for incoming goods and shipping.

The storage is usually accessed using front loaders and reach trucks along with manual pallet trucks for the lowest level. Dynamic flow racks work via gravity alone and do not require any electrical components. Supply and removal are clearly separated, improving the organization. In addition, our pallet dynamic flow racks can also be easily integrated into an automated material flow, making them a suitable option for fully automated warehouses.

Diverse designs for various requirements
SSI SCHAEFER provides you with pallet dynamic flow racks optimally tailored to your requirements. For example, SSI SCHAEFER modifies the roller conveyor with brake rollers and a diverse range of roller spacings to match your goods. A variety of options is possible for picking, including a covered picking tunnel on the bottom level.

Flexible racking systems for large and heavy goods

Area of use: buffer storage in incoming and outgoing goods and in production.

Efficient space and volume utilization in the warehouse

In addition to the warehouse organization using the FIFO principal, the benefit of our pallets dynamic flow racks lies in the highly efficient use of space and volume in the warehouse.

Dynamic flow racks optimally tailored to your requirements

  • FIFO principle

  • Up to 60% space saving in comparison to conventional pallet racks

  • Higher productivity by separating supply and picking

  • The solution for non-stackable pallets

  • Areas of use: Incoming goods, shipping, production, buffer warehouses, and fully automated warehouses

  • Ideal for picking in towers and tunnels, reducing frequency of replenishment

  • The racks function via gravity alone and do not need electricity

  • Separation of supply and removal

  • Customized racks optimally designed to meet your specific requirements

  • Can be used as a pushback rack with the LIFO principle

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