Do you want to save space and make full use of the height of your building? With a maximum-density storage strategy that optimizes the use of floor space and height, the SSI LOGIMAT® provides the perfect solution.

Vertical Lift Module LogiMat


The SSI LOGIMAT® Vertical Lift Module has Various Benefits

Saving space, improving efficiency, enhancing ergonomics, or accomplishing the move to digitalization. With the SSI LOGIMAT®, SSI SCHAEFER provides a perfect warehousing solution for small parts, with different aims and objectives. 


  • Highly convenient goods-to-person principle

  • Compact design has economical and environ­mental advantages

  • Highest storage density for small parts, up to 90 % less floor space

  • Automated processes and ergonomic design improve performance by over 20 %

  • Simple user guidance with minimal training requirements for operation

  • Increased performance through automated processes and greater ergonomics

  • Optimum utilization of the room height: The design principle, in which shelves can be stored one above the other at a height of up to 24 m, creates plenty of space for your stored items. The SSI LOGIMAT is supplied from a height of 2,450 mm and can be individually adapted to your room height in increments of 100 mm. The simple formula applies here: The higher the lift, the more storage space is offered. The cost efficiency - i.e. the price per square meter of storage space - also decreases as the height increases.

  • Storage compaction and warehouse space optimization: Automatic detection of the height of the stored goods means that the warehouse is significantly compacted. The height of the tray and its contents is measured after each storage operation. Thanks to the option of storing trays in 25 mm increments, the system can find the optimum storage location for the respective material and react to changing goods heights at any time. This requires neither mechanical intervention nor programming. If required, the vertical lift module can also be installed completely outside a given warehouse in its own housing. This means that the required storage space is completely relocated to the outside.

  • Use of suitable containers: This can achieve a further compression of more than 50%. The aim is to accommodate the maximum number of SKUs on each individual tray. This can be achieved by using subdividable and suitable containers. The LMB bin series was therefore developed to perfectly match the SSI LOGIMAT . On the other hand, software-supported storage strategies make it possible to increase the utilization or fill level of the individual containers in order to achieve the highest possible compaction.

The integration of a vertical lift module can therefore achieve significant increases in capacity and cost reductions. Our experts will be happy to advise you on how to get the most out of your warehouse.

Warehouse space optimization: Save space and reduce costs

Is your warehouse bursting at the seams? Do you urgently need space for additional goods? Another Advantage of vertical lift modules is its size. With the SSI LOGIMAT you can gain up to 90% additional storage volume in the same space. To get the most out of the SSI LOGIMAT, various principles are combined with each other: Optimized height and space with just one system.

Saving warehouse space with SSI LOGIMAT.

Save time in the warehouse: how to increase the efficiency of your small parts logistics

Are you looking for higher picking performance with maximum flexibility? The SSI LOGIMAT is based on the "goods-to-person" principle and places the required items in the operator's access area. Travel times for employees can be almost completely eliminated. This allows them to concentrate on the picking process and work with maximum efficiency.

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Work more ergonomically: Maximum occupational safety, fewer sick days

Back problems are one of the most common causes of absenteeism. The ergonomic design of workstations is important to keep employees healthy. With the SSI LOGIMAT and its numerous ergonomic features to protect the back, you can turn your warehouse into an attractive working environment.

The SSI LOGIMAT presents the goods at a convenient height of 800 mm. This allows order pickers to access the goods conveniently from above. The additional LOGITILT option also automatically tilts the trays so that goods can be conveniently removed from lower-stored containers.
However, SSI SCHAEFER does not only focus on ergonomics in the warehouse when it comes to handling and lifting loads. Throughout the entire storage and picking process, many small details contribute to a holistically ergonomic working environment. For example, the glare-free LED lighting in the operator opening ensures fatigue-free working. Another example is the use of touchscreens on the vertical lift module. This eliminates the need for mobile terminals and allows operators to work with both hands free and without any distracting wearables.
When designing software interfaces, a central focus was also placed on the topic of work ergonomics. Process steps are visualized in a self-explanatory manner and enable a fast learning curve when working with the system thanks to intuitive operation.

Saving warehouse space with SSI LOGIMAT.

Reduce costs through error-free order picking

Avoiding errors in order picking is often one of the biggest levers for reducing logistics costs. The SSI LOGIMAT helps you achieve this with software support and innovative features.
Unlike storage costs for buildings and energy, transportation costs and personnel costs for picking and packaging, error costs are often incalculable. But many errors can be eliminated with the right technical and organizational measures.


Overview and Workplace Safety

How a clean and tidy warehouse can help.

From protecting the stored goods from dust and other environmental factors, to improving workplace safety by reducing the amount of material that is lying around. Time spent searching and traveling, as well as inventory discrepancies and deficiencies can be avoided by de-cluttering the warehouse.

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Stock Reliability and Transparency

Digital processes and interconnectedness make a warehouse more efficient

The objectives of digitalization can be stock reliability, process traceability, and transparency in the warehouse at all times. The intelligent software solutions of the SSI LOGIMAT® provide a quick and easy introduction to these topics.

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Future-proof solution for flexible small parts storage

No matter whether it is due to rapid growth, supply bottlenecks or absence of employees – the importance of flexibility in small parts storage becomes apparent in cases of unforeseen events. How do you ensure delivery capacity, even in dynamic times? If automation is the solution, what measures can be implemented in a small parts warehouse with only minor investment? How flexible and scalable are these systems?

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Picking at SSI LOGIMAT in combination with SSI WEASEL


More detailed information about vertical lift modules, the benefits and drawbacks compared to paternoster systems, and the simplicity of digital transformation can be found here.

Picking at SSI LOGIMAT in combination with SSI WEASEL

Vertical Lift Module Options: added value through additional functions

Vertical Lift Module LogiMat®

Features and Technical Data of the SSI LOGIMAT®

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