Agro Boga Utama

When delivering quality, fresh and safe foods in the supply chain, time and temperature is everything. Agro Boga Utama took the path to modernise and equipped the warehouse with a semi-automated system.

Paving the path for an efficient food logistics process through semi-automation

Indonesia’s rapid urbanisation rate and lifestyle is charging up the demand for frozen and ready-to-eat foods, while the Food and Beverage industry, especially the frozen food sector is revolutionising itself with modernised warehouse infrastructure to facilitate the supply value chain.

Agro Boga Utama, an Indonesian homegrown trading company in frozen products recently introduced a semi-automated storage and retrieval process in its warehouse operation The improved operation process will support the company in their goal to provide the nation with a steady supply chain of food at all times.

Semi-automated solutions for cold storage warehouse

Why the need for a Semi-Automated Cold Storage Facility?

With an existing warehouse space of 1,877 m² - 3,360 pallet locations, Agro Boga Utama's business and storage plans are challenged by the limited footprint. To develop and accommodate more Stock-Keeping-Units (SKUs), a new facility erected along the existing warehouse was built with a Mobile Racking System (MRS) to maximise the space vertically and horizontally, yet optimised for deep-freeze applications.
The new freezer room standing at 1,078 m² could easily handle 4,400 pallet locations, using only one aisle, the rack systems are built on a mobile base and guided by rails on the floor. Compared to the conventional racking system, the Mobile Racking System increases the storage capacity by 44%, reduced the travel distance in the warehouse and is suitable for pallet, modular or even cantilever storage method.

Intelligent Safety Measures and Controls

Agro Boga Utama is committed to workplace safety and wanted to optimise the warehouse space efficiently and safely for both the workers and goods. To ensure accident-free operations, the mobile racking system is equipped with a modern programmable logic controller (PLC) with integrated safety features such as the emergency stop switches, manual release systems and safety light barriers located at the front and base of the mobile carriage.

Greater Operational Efficiencies for Workers

Efficiency is key when it comes to managing the cold supply chain with numerous SKUs. In addition to maximising the storage space, Agro Boga Utama needed to achieve 100% direct access to all pallets and manage the storage based on the “First Expiry, First Out” FEFO concept, saving time on unnecessary and time-intensive relocation of expiry dates. Using the handheld controller to select the aisle required for work, operators can save time on waiting and manoeuvring with forklifts, improving the speed to meet delivery times.

Partnership with Agro Boga Utama

“SSI SCHAEFER took us through the first step of our warehouse automation journey. The project was seamlessly executed with no disruption to our business operations.
Using the Mobile Racking System to store and manage the expiry dates of goods, our warehouse process became more efficient and cost-effective. The deployment of the FEFO concept also increased the agility of our logistics process, we can now focus on delivering fresh foods quickly into the hands of our customers throughout Indonesia.”

Fajar Elektro
Supply Chain GM Agro Boga Utama
Fajar Elektro, Supply Chain GM, Agro Boga Utama
Fajar Elektro
Supply Chain GM Agro Boga Utama

Succeeding in a Fragmented Market Through Operational Efficiency

When delivering quality, fresh and safe foods in the supply chain, time and temperature is everything.
Agro Boga Utama took the path to modernise and equipped the warehouse with a semi-automated system that would operate efficiently in a controlled temperature environment - a vital requirement for cold chain operators.

Project Goal:

  • Establishment of an expansion warehouse and maximise storage density for 4,400 pallet locations

  • Simplify access to all pallet units with 100% selectivity

  • Optimise operational costs and increase goods handling efficiency (FEFO) through semi-automation

  • Ensure a safe and accident-free working environment