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SSI SCHAEFER's automated systems helped Brands For Less triple their order deliveries, improve operational efficiency, and satisfy customers beyond expectations.

Direct Selectivity, Amplifying Efficiency

Brands For Less Dubai deploys SSI SCHAEFER's advanced technology to improve its distribution center and connect different logistics processes. The new 4D tote shuttle system has 32 moving shuttles that can store and retrieve up to 123,000 totes effectively. Regardless of item type, the system ensures the smooth transfer of new stock into storage. This system moves items without sorting, sending them to specific bins using the conveyor and tote shuttle system.

Simplicity and Efficiency of Material Flow
What sets this warehouse solution apart is its unwavering commitment to redefining inventory material flow. The emphasis on direct selectivity avoids over-designing and complex sorting mechanisms, ensuring the entire warehouse system operates at an optimal level. This simplicity underscores the commitment to streamlined processes for enhanced picking accuracy and speed.

Economically Viable Automated Solutions
The 4D tote shuttle system has storage levels on the x and y axes, reducing the need for sorting. This economically viable approach aims to reduce operational time, enhancing storage capacity without compromising efficiency.

Rethinking Goods Arrival Protocols for Seamless Operations
The Pallet-to-Tote system is a strategic change in how goods arrive at warehouses, improving operations and protocols. This new method guarantees a smooth change from when items come to the warehouse to the end of sorting and shipping. SSI SCHAEFER is proud to be part of BFL's commitment to efficiency and innovation in warehouse optimization.

Automated Storage Solutions Propel BFL's Warehouse Efficiency

“We are extremely pleased with the results of our collaboration with SSI SCHAEFER, as this automated storage solution has significantly enhanced our warehouse efficiency, allowing us to serve our customers better and meet their increasing demands. The system’s flexibility will support our expansion across the UAE and beyond, as well as our growing e-commerce business.”

Toufic Kreidieh
Executive Chairman and CEO of Brands For Less (BFL) Group
Executive Chairman and CEO of BFL Group, Toufic Kreidieh
Toufic Kreidieh
Profession here

Real-Time Visibility of 123,000 Totes for Operational Excellence

Paired with a robust Warehouse Management System, real-time visibility for inventories adds a layer of operational excellence. Efficiently handling partial storage picks has reduced sorting and stock management. This strategy boosts sales during peak seasons and online shopping events.

Project Goals:

  • Introduce automation to enhance operational efficiency and material flow process.

  • Use an automated tote shuttle system to store and find items quickly and easily and move them between different areas.

  • Improve picking accuracy using automation, as manual labor was prone to higher rates of error.

  • Improve inventory visibility for increasing number of SKUs.

  • Match design throughput to meet project needs for easy access to selected totes, especially during busy times.

ASRS Basics: Is an Automated Storage and Retrieval Solution Right for Your Application?

The evolution of e-commerce is transforming the marketplace, pressuring manufacturers and warehouses to adjust to consumer demands. Some sectors, like the food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries, are subject to rigorous rules. We designed these rules to guarantee the secure management of products, especially under temperature-sensitive conditions.

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