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In the age of e-commerce and on-demand retail, the fashion supply chain is constantly evolving to satisfy all customers. Kerry Logistics aims to reconstruct their supply chain framework to deliver agility and bring the trend to market as quickly as possible.

Kerry Logistics Case Study

Raising the fashion supply chain agility through cost-efficient transformation

For many fashion, apparel and lifestyle retailers, delivering the latest products to markets across the globe remains a challenging and complex process. With the ever-changing consumer behaviour and increasing shift towards omnichannel, distribution centers must match this new demand—regardless of online or in-store shopping experience. 

As a full-service transportation and logistics provider, Kerry Logistics has provided many retailers with supply chain solutions for their product distributions. A leading British clothing and homeware brand was one of the recent retailers who had entrusted Kerry Logistics to manage their distributions for the operations in Malaysia, Singapore, and Hongkong. Working with SSI SCHAEFER, Kerry Logistics reinvents its traditional storage system to a modern and organized retailing logistics hub.

Reinventing Omnichannel Strategy Within the Existing Square Footage
With the right approach in expanding Kerry Logistics’s existing warehouse, the upgraded facility is built on their existing square footage in Johor, Malaysia while keeping the civil cost low. The new 3-storey high Mezzanine Shelving System is a simple yet efficient inventory storage method to enhance their order fulfilment operation. Fitted with a shelving system and further improvised with mounted garment on hangers (GOH) rails, the 7,013 m² storage area can accommodate carton boxes and delicate fashion garments, pallet cargos which are bulky and heavy to manage could slide easily into the Pallet Racking System situated in both ambient and air-conditioned rooms.

Executing a Seamless Integration Project
To ensure zero to minimal operation disruptions, SSI SCHAEFER and Kerry Logistics worked very closely to find the perfect scheduling, replacement, and installation of the new system. Within 240 days, the new warehouse system was completed and ready for the storage of more than 40,000 SKUs. 

Custom Fit: Flat-Packed and Display-Ready Hanging Garments
How a garment will be sold, the fabric of the garment, and the origin of the destination would always lead to a retailer’s dilemma of “to hang or to box” within the fashion supply chain. The well-thought-of storage solution developed for Kerry Logistics is configured to store both garments in flat-packed boxes and Garment on Hangers (GOH). Whether the apparel is moved through some or all of the supply chain on hangers, or in some stages of the supply chain they may be placed in a carton while attached to a hanger, instead of hanging on a rail or string, Kerry Logistics new warehouse storage system can accommodate. Furthermore, the Mezzanine came with a netting system installed as a safety feature to protect the warehouse staff who are working on higher ground, ensuring a safer environment in the warehouse.

Kerry Logistics & SSI SCHAEFER

"SSI SCHAEFER did a great job in developing a detailed project plan and executing the installation of systems in phases. This allows us to efficiently transfer our products from Kuala Lumpur and Singapore to Johor’s facility with minimal operation disruptions.
The Garment on Hangers system has proven to be cost-effective and has improve our order picking processes to handle and ship fashion garments quickly to our customers."

Patrick Wong
General Manager Kerry Logistics
Kerry Logistics Case Study
Patrick Wong
General Manager Kerry Logistics

Reliability, speed and excellent customer satisfaction

In the age of e-commerce, on-demand retail, and virtually endless customization, the fashion supply chain is constantly evolving to satisfy all customers. Together with SSI SCHAEFER, Kerry Logistics turned their existing warehouse operation into an agile process to keep up with the retailers – yet keeping the cost to a minimum.

Project Goals:

  • Cost-efficient and quicker order fulfilment processes through retrofitting of existing square footage

  • Improves picking efficiency and storage density of garments in both open-flat boxes and GOH by utilizing the warehouse’s vertical height

  • Protect the integrity of garments through GOH storage for minimal wrinkles 

  • Completion of the project within 240 days with minimal disruption of processes

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