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Flexible infrastructure and easy-to-maintain hardware, the Mobile Pallet Racks solution is Voldega3 Philippines' first step into automation that will handle ambient to controlled temperature goods storage for their clientele across the food and consumer goods spectrum.

Voldega3 Mobile Pallet Racks

Optimal warehouse performance in limited space

First step into automation: Universal Voldega3 Logistics Corporation introduced a semi-automated warehouse facility in Cebu – Philippines

Metro CEBU is the home to 80% of Philippines shipping companies, it is also the second largest metropolitan area in the country (surrounded by 167 islands and islets). Due to its narrow coastlines and deep mountain terrain, shippers and logistics service providers on this tropical island often had to deal with high land prices in commercial districts and port areas. To innovate and design warehouses that would defy the fundamental of land expansion – horizontally, Universal Voldega3 Logistics Corporation (Voldega3) took their first step into warehouse automation with SSI SCHAEFER.

With clientele across the food and consumer goods spectrum, Voldega3 invested in SSI SCHAEFER Mobile Pallet Rack, a semi-automated storage system that could handle ambient to controlled temperature goods storage. The infrastructure is flexible, and the hardware is easy to maintain, for such a setup to be implemented in the province, it almost promises a 0% downtime, and with such a stable warehouse operation, Voldega3 customers are more confident in their logistics and warehousing services.

  • Optimise up to 85% of storage capacity

  • Maintain high efficiency and throughput

  • Direct access to pallets slots

  • Safe and accident-free operations

  • Earthquake-proof design

Space utilisation and cost-effectiveness – all from one system

In 2020, when the world went into isolation, Voldega3 set up their newest facility. Using the Mobile Pallet Racks to store six levels of pallets, the 3,000 m² facility houses a total of 8,093 pallet locations. Through electrically driven carriages on floor tracks, the solution eliminates the need for multiple aisle spaces. Additionally, by tapping into the vertical volumetric space, it reduces the warehouse footprint by 45%. Due to the excellent space utilisation of the system, Voldega3 saved 1,400 m² of floor space which will be used for other logistics activities such as receiving, dispatch and staging. 

Reliable and responsive support through crisis

Since Voldega3’s facility was built during the nation’s lockdown, strict quarantine rules and Covid19 safety protocols are necessary and implemented throughout the development period and till today. The materials supplied and spare parts required were critical to the project’s timeline, thanks to SSI SCHAEFER’s factory located in Simpang Renggam – Malaysia and the excellent logistics and coordination between Philippines and Malaysia offices, the construction of the facility was liberated from the temporary supply chain meltdown faced by the world. 

Designing a semi-automated warehouse for tomorrow’s growth

Implementing warehouse automation assures operational efficiencies, the inherent benefit of introducing technology also supports the organization in preparation for a younger workforce and ageing employees since labour-intensive tasks are eliminated. Aligned with Voldega3’s mission to provide the industry with world-class technology-driven warehousing services, their first step into automation would set the foundation to a modernized warehouse whenever they are ready.

“Voldega3 is the first dry store logistics facility in the Philippines using semi-automated storage system. With SSI SCHAEFER’s Mobile Pallet Racks, we are able to put 8,093 pallet positions into our 3,000 m² storage area; which would otherwise require 5,500 m² for the same storage capacity.
Despite Covid-19 lockdown restrictions, we’ve got the full support from the team at SSI SCHAEFER through video conferences, online tutorials and local support in the Philippines to ensure that our system is installed in just three months.”

Nikolaus Stumpf
Project Manager Universal Voldega3 Logistics Corporation
Nikolaus Stumpf
Project Manager Universal Voldega3 Logistics Corporation

A-i45 Webinar: Manual to Semi-Automated Warehouse Solutions from SSI SCHAEFER

The First Semi-Automated Facility

Voldega3 Philippines & SSI SCHAEFER

Project Goals:

  • Optimise warehouse footprint of 3,000 m² for the storage of 8,093 pallet locations

  • Efficient operation through handheld remote control and PLC operated bases

  • Maximise storage density while maintaining direct access to pallet slots

  • Reduce operation cost with excellent space utilisation

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