Flexibility and performance in a new dimension: system extension designed using the 3D-MATRIX Solution®

SSI SCHAEFER developed a modular concept of a highly dynamic system solution for Arvato SCS.

"The storage cube for the new shuttle warehouse is located in a 24-meter-high extension of the high bay warehouse and has been designed using the patented 3D-MATRIX Solution from SSI SCHAEFER. This gives Arvato SCS a future-proof solution for automated storage, buffering, and integrated sequencing of order processing. For instance, decoupling individual processes along the horizontal and vertical axes prevents bottlenecks during storage and retrieval," explains Martin Nagler from SSI SCHAEFER.

Now, 84 integrated SSI Flexi type single-level shuttles facilitate efficient storage and retrieval processes. 20 integrated lifts ensure fast material flows on the vertical system level. The system expands the capacities of Arvato SCS in automated storage containers available on an ad-hoc basis to a total of more than 60,000 locations and boosts the number of goods-to-person picking stations by 60%. This gives every work station access to the entire range of items from the 3D-MATRIX Solution. As many as four orders per station can be picked at once directly into shipping cartons, as per the one-stop-pick solution. If an order can be finished in this area, it will then be transported directly to the order dispatch area. Here, the employee prints the order papers, fills the empty space in the carton with packing material, and attaches the shipping label to the carton, which is then transported to goods-out on the conveying section. This enables short order cycle times.

"It's a solution that guarantees us maximum flexibility and performance. This is where SSI SCHAEFER offered us something truly unique, with the optimal performance-to-space ratio. We were able to achieve our aims of boosting productivity and technical performance thanks to the innovative and, above all, space-saving warehouse solution," summarizes Harald Horstmann with satisfaction.