WAMAS Enterprise WMS (Warehouse Management System)

Harmonized Processes Worldwide


WAMAS Enterprise WMS – the Global Enterprise Solution

Success on the path to internationalization requires that the processes at all new and existing warehouse locations are standardized and manageable and can be controlled efficiently. WAMAS Enterprise WMS makes that possible!

The enterprise solution is a special version of WAMAS WMS. The functional focus is on the possibility of integrating branches and clients around the globe. It was developed both to support expansion plans and to strengthen the international position a company has already achieved. Depending on the business strategy chosen, WAMAS Enterprise WMS can run either as a central software hub or with a decentralized architecture at the specific sites.

A Fully Comprehensive Solution for Complex Structures

Securing Your Position as a Global Player

The large number of locations is not the only source of complexity that needs to be overcome; the differences among the product ranges, warehouse topologies and processes of the partners involved also play a role.

This requires software that can do more. WAMAS Enterprise WMS provides the tools you need to effectively manage an unlimited number of locations with varying characteristics with a single warehouse management system. All the relevant data is entered once, guaranteeing a valid database. Multilingualism and the ability to manage different time zones and formats also make WAMAS appropriate for global use as an enterprise solution.

Your Benefits at a Glance

Full control

  • Cross-site transparency and optimization at all process levels

  • Multi-client and multilingual capability

  • Logical management of different time zones, formats and measuring units

Efficient warehousing

  • Accelerated order processing with reduced process and operating costs

  • Scalability allowing even more expansion steps

  • Maximum efficiency and future-proofing thanks to standardization

Ease of use

  • Consistently harmonized, standardized, stable processes

  • Uniform utilization of capacities and resources

  • Intuitive user interfaces and configurable role-based dashboards

WAMAS Enterprise - A multi-site solution

Meeting the challenges of a global market involving all partners and players along the supply chain.


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