Innovative Software Platform for Consulting, Planning and Implementation of Logistics Systems


​​​​​​​Holistic project view with reliable analysis data

An integrated and transparent overview of all processes is critical in order for planning to be successful. Large quantities of data from different sources must be combined, analyzed and visually prepared. For the first time, the intralogistics specialist SSI SCHAEFER is now combining technologies for business intelligence (BI) with visual analytics using simulation and data analysis for logistics planning.

This has produced the “LogiVision” framework.

LogiVision is interactive: The user has their own filter and selects the degree of detail for the desired information. Thanks to the client-server architecture, all project participants worldwide can access the same information, generate their own analyses and share their findings. The result: Objective discussions and decisions on the basis of an integrated image lead to an increase in planning security.


With LogiVision, SSI SCHAEFER supports customers and departments during the entire course of the project: This begins with a concept evaluation and workshops before the actual start of the project and extends to include an integrated consulting approach from the realization phase to commissioning. Even potential future upgrades can be reviewed and planned with LogiVision.

Simulation models are prepared in 3D with the Plant Simulation software from Siemens PLM.


Intralogistics optimally tailored interactively

With an innovative software platform, SSI SCHAEFER makes consulting, planning and implementation of logistics facilities even more efficient. The interactive framework "LogiVision" offers numerous tools for a holistic project view with reliable analysis data and a consistently networked project process.