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SSI SCHAEFER delivers complete logistics systems worldwide. SSI SCHAEFER general contractors are professional and licensed contractors. These services range from comprehensive system planning and consulting to IPMA project management and turnkey systems — including custom services and maintenance agreements.

SSI SCHAEFER has an array of standard products, which are developed and manufactured in-house. This extensive product toolbox provides everything customers need for an efficient solution.

A high-performance partnership

Our company’s experience, synergies, and innovative capabilities provide you with an efficient complete solution from a single source. Combined with reliability and availability, our team of industry experts work hard to complete each project on-time and within budget. Plus, SSI SCHAEFER designs each solution to meet or exceed sustainability requirements — saving both money and the environment.



Furthermore, SSI SCHAEFER handles the entire construction planning of the installation including the infrastructure and outdoor buildings. The planned facilities are designed with a particular focus on energy efficiency and sustainability. This service encompasses the location selection, the architecture, and support structure planning as well as the optimum design of sustainable and energy-efficient installations and building technology.

The objective of every investment in new logistics facilities is to safeguard this investment and increase profitability. For this reason, professional consulting begins with a methodical analysis of the company’s specific situation.

  • Comprehensive logistics planning and consulting

  • Construction planning including required technical engineering services

  • Building physics and fire protection

  • Construction services include exterior buildings and foundation works

  • Steel construction and shelving systems

  • Warehouse control and management systems

  • Highly dynamic picking systems

  • Storage-retrieval machines and conveyor systems

  • IPMA-certified project management

  • Service and maintenance

  • Complete turnkey solutions

Our customers say

“The completely scalable system concept also offers us a high degree of flexibility for our variable range of items and leeway for further growth. SSI SCHAEFER’S solution has thoroughly impressed us.“
Elina Laine, Logistics Manager Stockmann

Green Bulding

Efficient storage optimizes energy consumption and safeguards investments

Optimized energy consumption in your warehouse protects the environment and simultaneously reduces the facility’s operating and maintenance costs. Over the long term, this strengthens the environmental perception of your brand and safeguards your investment.

Case Study Stockmann

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The right solution for every industry. SSI SCHAEFER’s expertise combines specific know-how with extensive experience to deliver tailored solutions.

Expertise for every sector.

The expertise of SSI SCHAEFER includes specific know-how and long-time experience with individual solutions.

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FRESH TO THE TABLE: SOLUTIONS FOR FOOD RETAIL Single-source system solutions to

FRESH TO THE TABLE: SOLUTIONS FOR FOOD RETAIL Single-source system solutions to guarantee quality, optimize processes and reduce costs. The food trade comes up with some demanding requirements for intralogistics specialists. The technological development of retail business is increasingly augmented by a rapidly growing online food trade. SSI SCHAEFER provides flexible, scalable and modular solutions to guarantee maximum efficiency for both areas.

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