Warehouse Safety: Danger? Averted!

Efficiency requires safety! Discover now how you can optimize the safety of your warehouse and ensure smooth processes with SSI SCHAEFER.

Is Your Warehouse Safe Enough? Safety First!

No matter how big your warehouse is or what goods you store, safety should always come first because dangers are everywhere in the warehouse. These range from improper vehicle use to obstructed aisles to unidentified rack defects. 

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Regular inspections and training are important, not just to protect your employees, but also to avoid costly damage to equipment! Can you comply with these strict requirements and regulations during ongoing operations? When using heavy equipment, handling hazardous goods, or storing and retrieving a large number of products at short intervals, professional warehouse safety management is essential. 

Get More Details About Rack Inspection and Training Regulations

How does a rack inspection work? How can you optimize existing storage systems and operate them even more safely? And what kind of warehouse safety training makes sense? We reveal what really matters.

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Rack Inspection

Play It Safe With SSI SCHAEFER!

Our warehouse safety services focus on your rack systems. They form the foundation of any warehouse. However, few people are familiar with the details and challenges posed by the inspection process. 

Our certified inspectors can help you maintain and optimize your storage systems. They ensure compliance with the requirements of the European Standard (EN 15635), and make your day-to-day operations even more efficient. 

Our services for your warehouse safety: 

  • Rack inspections in accordance with standards and regulations 

  • Rack maintenance and repair 

  • Rack safety training 

  • Correct implementation of racks 

  • Regulation-compliant safety signage (information signs for load capacity and warnings) 

Increased Warehouse Safety through Rack Inspection and Maintenance

Discover the world of warehouse safety! Dive into our short video for a look at rack inspections. See for yourself!

Questions To Ask Yourself

Safety has always been an important consideration in managing and operating a warehouse, regardless of its size or the nature of its inventory. Safety inspections must be enacted, especially if you have increased shipments, handle heavy equipment , store hazardous items or even handle fast moving products.  It is essential to provide a safety protocol and conduct regular employee training. While racks and shelving form the foundation of a warehouse, not many include the process of inspection, and the intricate details inspections might entail, in this foundation. 

Your warehouse, the shelving and racking are exposed to potential hazards every day.  Identifying them early will help your employees reduce the danger and risks of working in the warehouse environment. Some of the common potential causes of shelving and racking damages can include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Unqualified or inexperienced forklift truck drivers.

  • Incorrect type of forklift used for installations

  • Poor vehicle access within racking aisles

  • Employees unfamiliar with the safety protocols involved in managing racking systems in the warehouse

  • Inability to identify and located damage, which can result in 30% to 40% reduction in load carrying capacity

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