Elevated racking and storage platforms make optimum use of space and increase the area available in your warehouse. Benefit from a choice of design options offered by our platform systems to optimize space usage in your warehouse.



Elevated racking and storage platforms systems for efficient use of space

SSI SCHAEFER elevated racking and storage platforms offer multiple uses of the available space. Moreover, the design options of SSI SCHAEFER’s platform systems are almost unlimited. Their integration with our diverse range of pallet racking, work station systems and containers allows a more efficient approach to handling and storing your products. SSI SCHAEFER creates a complete and sophisticated system from this exceptional product spectrum, providing you with one solution from a single supplier.

Customized solutions
Years of experience in every aspect of logistics ranging from planning to production and assembly has made SSI SCHAEFER the market leader. SSI SCHAEFER manufactures its own systems and serves as your reliable partner. Dedicated consulting specialists develop tailored solutions focusing on your specific requirements.