Sustainability and cost efficiency thanks to innovative technology

The designation “Exyz” describes exactly what distinguishes the storage and retrieval machine. The “E” stands for efficiency in energy consumption and performance for all three axes “x”, “y”, and “z” on which storage and retrieval machines work.

Due to the consistent use of state-of-the-art control technologies, the SRM requires only a minimum of spatial reserves. The interlocking design of the floor supports, pallet truck, and boom further enhance this benefit. This innovative boom concept from SSI SCHAEFER is unique in the market. Moving counterweights integrated into the boom can be fitted and compensate for up to two thirds of the pallet truck’s own weight. This improves performance while also decreasing the amount of energy needed. As a result, you achieve energy savings of up to 25% in comparison to conventional machines with the lifting alone. This is part of the Green Crane Technology from SSI SCHAEFER. These technologies also include:

  • Energy-optimized overlapping paths for multiple SRMs

  • Direct current coupling to the drive controller to transform the braking energy of one drive into drive energy for another motor

  • Return of the brake energy to the electricity supply network

  • Targeted speed adaptation and acceleration of the storage and retrieval machine