Planning and Consulting for Efficient Logistics Solutions

Jedes Unternehmen hat spezifische Anforderungen an die Logistik. Eine erfolgreiche Planung erfordert deshalb zuerst eine fundierte Analyse der aktuellen Situation. Die breit gefächerte Kompetenz und Erfahrung von SSI SCHÄFER macht uns zum bevorzugten Ansprechpartner für alle intralogistischen Projekte und Prozesse.


Planning and Consulting for Efficient Logistics Solutions

Every company has its own specific logistics requirements. So, any successful planning initially requires an in-depth analysis of the current situation. The widely diversified competence and experience of SSI SCHAEFER makes us the preferred contact for all intralogistical projects and processes.

By using modern analysis tools, we identify weaknesses in a company’s logistics, define potential savings and simulate suitable process improvements. Step-by-step, we work in a constant dialog with you to plan the most suitable, intelligent and efficient logistics solution – from the global material flow to the order picking process.

Sound Consulting to Increase Your Return on Investment

In the planning phase, the various alternatives with respect to opportunities and risks are assessed, while the variety of financing options are compared.

We integrate technical and commercial experts into this process to ensure the future viability of every aspect of your problem solving. SSI SCHAEFER also provides far-reaching expertise on the subject of energy efficiency and in the planning of sustainable buildings.

  • Simulation

  • Construction + energy efficiency

We offer...

...a “one-stop shop” solution, i.e. a comprehensive planning approach from the processes and systems all the way to the complete turn-key object.

The goal of every investment in logistical innovations is to safeguard this investment and increase returns on investment. Therefore, any sound consulting must start with a methodical analysis of the company’s relevant situation.

  • Planning environment

  • Incoming goods structures

  • Order structures

  • ABC analyses

  • Analysis of existing situation

  • Sales consistency

  • Production program

  • Tour planning

Wir bieten Ihnen...

...eine „One-stop-shop“ Lösung, also einen ganzheitlichen Planungsansatz von den Prozessen über die Anlagen hin zum schlüsselfertigen Gesamtobjekt.

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