Sustainability Report 2021

SSI SCHAEFER Sustainability Report 2021 SSI SCHAEFER

Sustainability Report 2021

With the Sustainability Report, we inform all internal and external stakeholders about sustainable projects, initiatives and solutions as well as the challenges for the future and how we intend to master them. The report was prepared on the basis of the internationally recognised standards of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI).

Sustainability has become increasingly important in our society in recent years. Important steps in this context were the Paris Climate Agreement, which came into force in 2016, and the United Nations' 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Building on this, the European Commission published its action plan for financing sustainable growth in March 2018.

Even though regular reporting regarding sustainability activities is still voluntary for our company so far, we want to live up to our responsibility as a large medium-sized company headquartered in Germany with global corporate activities and make our contribution to sustainable development.

In doing so, it is important for us to know the external expectations of our stakeholders - customers, employees, business partners, our owners and investors, as well as society and the public at large - so that we can take them into account in our strategy process and place our commitment to sustainability on a solid footing. We have identified the key issues for us and derived the following fields of action:

  • Value-based corporate culture as the foundation for our dealings with stakeholders and resources.

  • Creating innovative and sustainable solutions for our customers with intelligent processes

  • Responsible management by reducing impacts along our value chain

  • Sustainability management as a strategic factor.

For each of these fields of action, we defined specific sustainability targets and measures in 2021, the implementation and progress of which we will report on regularly in the future.

As a leading company in intralogistics, we at SSI SCHAEFER can contribute to making our customers' flows of goods even more efficient and sustainable with intelligent intralogistics solutions. The implementation of our sustainability strategy therefore contributes to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. 

We are already demonstrating our commitment in concrete terms by joining the global initiative "50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders" in 2020. As the first intralogistics provider, we form an important part of this alliance and contribute to achieving the 17 sustainable climate goals of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

"With our first sustainability report, we want to give our stakeholders an insight into which sustainable initiatives, projects and solutions we are already pursuing today and how we intend to master the challenges of the coming years."

Steffen Bersch, CEO SSI SCHÄFER Group

You can download the entire Sustainability Report 2021 here

SSI SCHAEFER publishes first Sustainability Report to int. GRI standards

Neunkirchen/Siegerland, Germany, 18 August 2022 – The SSI SCHAEFER Group, a Germany-based family-owned company established more than 85 years ago and a leading international solution provider of modular storage and logistics systems, today published its first Sustainability Report.

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SSI SCHAEFER Sustainability Report 2021 SSI SCHAEFER
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