Manual Storage

SSI SCHAEFER offers you numerous solutions, we are your one-stop source for efficiency-enhancing solutions

Legbordstellingen R 3000

SSI SCHAEFER Manual Storage Solutions

Regardless of what type of parts you need to store, SSI SCHAEFER can tailor a specific solution to meet your requirements. We offer variable and high-quality systems for manual warehousing.

Feature & Benefits

  • Comprehensive product compatibility 

  • In-house production – single-source solution 

  • Highly flexible, superior quality, and durable 

  • Excellent price/performance ratio 

  • Wide range of products with custom solutions with a high degree of standardization 

  • Many years of experience and comprehensive expertise

Container Systems by SSI SCHÄFER


Palettisation of filled workpiece carrier

Customized Packaging

Legbordstellingen R 3000

Manual Storage of Small Parts

Pallet Rack PR 600

Racking Systems



Shelving Systems for Variable and Economical Storage

Our shelving systems successfully overcome almost all logistic challenges. On the other hand, gravity flow racks optimize your picking processes. With SSI SCHAEFER special warehouse systems, you can solve even the most challenging problems. Our systems include longspan and live racks, mobile racking systems for light to medium weight loads mobile racks for tires and storage solutions for hanging goods and hazardous materials. Mezzanines round off our extensive range of products.

A Wide Range of Pallet Racking Systems for Any Application 

To further improve the efficiency of your warehouse processes, SSI SCHAEFER offers one of the most extensive ranges of products in the field of pallet racking systems available.  

Our product portfolio includes: 

Matching Container Systems

SSI SCHAEFER also offers appropriate container systems for a wide range of applications. Plus, with our large array of engineered packaging solutions you'll have the best protection for your products. 

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