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Innovative intralogistics solutions for the Healthcare and Cosmetics sector

Sensitive products, comprehensive documentation and complex requirements create extremely demanding intralogistics situations for manufacturers and distributors of healthcare and cosmetics products. Continually decreasing storage stocks demand more frequent deliveries with smaller quantities. The customer’s expectations and requirements such as rapid delivery, despite orders placed at short notice, increase the demands on the logistics chain.

Gentle handling of the products frequently plays a key role in the cosmetics sector. Scratches or damage to the packaging must be prevented at all costs. Both seasonal peaks, increasing omni-channel marketing, need to be handled effectively. In contrast, the healthcare sector requires an exceptional level of picking during peak times in combination with absolute reliability.

Solutions from SSI SCHAEFER:

Cosmetics Fulfillment

Take a fresh look at our flexible, efficient, and reliable cosmetic fulfillment solutions.

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End-to-end verification in pharma logistics

Slawex, Poland

Sustainable and innovative logistics processes

Natura, Sao Paulo


  • Demanding quality standards and low tolerance for errors among end customers

  • Multiple deliveries per day result in order peaks

  • Products have a diverse range of shapes, resulting in difficult handling

  • Differentiation between processes for OTC and RX pharmaceutical products

  • Complete traceability for quality assurance and auditing

  • Validation and certification of software solutions (GDP, GMP)

  • Integration of value-added services

  • Batch picking and sorting for mail-order pharmacies

SSI SCHAEFER possesses extensive expertise and innovative technologies for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics supply chain. This includes manual, partially automated and fully automated solutions.

The concept developed by SSI SCHAEFER for the new distribution center belonging to the French pharmaceutical wholesaler CERP Rouen in Lyon Irigny provides an optimized flow of goods. This system encompasses the processes from incoming goods receipt to shipping and handles approximately 16,000 articles and 25,000 orders per day. An A-frame forms the heart of the picking system for orders with high-turnover products. It features 18 modules and 2052 channels. Other elements of the solution: conveyor systems, shelving systems, ergonomic incoming goods work stations, handling systems, WAMAS® software.

Case Studies

SSI SCHAEFER possesses extensive expertise and innovative technologies for the pharmaceutical and cosmetics supply chain. This includes manual, partially and fully automated solutions.


How to Assure 100% Accuracy with Robotic Picking?

Warehouse worker filling A-frame equipment with stock from stock totes

Case Study Symbion


Case Study CERP Rouen

Healthcare & Cosmetics: Products, Modules, Solutions and Software

Efficient picking solutions for the healthcare & cosmetics industry.

SSI Flexi Shuttle

Automated Storage Systems for Small Load Carriers

Manual order picking of barcodes with RFID scanner

Picking & Handling

Order Verifier

Product Identification


Software Solutions

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