Automated Picking

SSI SCHAEFER picking systems ensure maximum productivity and an optimum material flow in your warehouse. Benefit from consistent quality - even during times of peak picking activity.


Speed and quality when compiling your orders

SSI SCHAEFER’s picking systems compile complex orders fully automatically, reliably, and in the shortest possible time. Extremely rapid order processing with the very highest quality - even at peak times - guarantees you the greatest possible productivity combined with an optimum material flow.

SSI SCHAEFER offers you a variety of economical system solutions:

The perfect interaction

SSI SCHAEFER systems are available for, and combinable with, all common product groups and goods types. The automated picking systems are designed to harmonize perfectly with conveying systems and other components from our extensive portfolio. Furthermore, these systems are designed to deliver maximum product density, enabling you to make the very best use of the space in your warehouse. Precise data analysis enables us to determine the optimum picking system for your needs.

A-Frame Picking System


Pallet racking system


3D-Matrix Solution

3D-MATRIX Solution®

Depalletising Robot at Schaeffler

SSI Case Picking

Fullfillment Factory

Fulfilment Factory®

Depalletising Robot at Schaeffler

Depalletising and Palletising

SSI_Flat Pack Picking_332_SSI_Exyz_corr.tif

SSI Flat Pack Picking


SSI Piece Picking – Next-Generation Picking Robots

Speed and quality when compiling your orders

  • High productivity even at peak times

  • Highly efficient due to the elimination of time-consuming manual picking activities

  • Consistently high quality and reliability, even under maximum loads

  • Efficient space usage due to high product density

  • Easy maintenance as a result of flexible product channels

  • Easy integration into existing systems

  • Modular system - ideal for expansion

Automated Picking

Automated Picking guarantees rapid order processing and efficient logistics

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