• Maximum flexibility for transporting small load carriers

The Weasel Lite concept can be adapted flexibly to dynamic market requirements and the complex needs of the users. The vehicle fleets follow an optical track that is stuck to the floor according to the desired route. The huge advantage is that the route can be easily defined and adapted flexibly by the users at any time. Increased performance requirements can be fulfilled quickly and hassle-free by adding more vehicles, thanks to short delivery times. Upgrading to a classic Weasel solution is possible at any point. By integrating an additional control system into the existing Weasel fleet, users can benefit from further efficiency increases.

  • Fast and economical automation

The Weasel Lite is an economical solution for a first introduction to the automation of internal transportation. It is characterized by low purchasing costs compared to common conveying systems because the costly installation of an IT structure and complex layout planning can be avoided. Users not only benefit from short-term increases in productivity by a continuous workload and significant increases in efficiency with regard to work in progress resulting from automation, but also from a fast Return on Investment (ROI).