Kloosterboer Cool Port 2 Rotterdam

SSI SCHAEFER builds high bay freezer Cool Port 2 in Rotterdam for Kloosterboer.


The collaboration between SSI SCHAEFER and the logistics service provider Kloosterboer originates from 2008. Over the years, SSI SCHAEFER has implemented numerous intralogistics solutions for Kloosterboer in the Netherlands, France and Sweden. With the construction of the impressive Cool Port II high-bay cold store facility in Rotterdam, a storage area for 60,000 pallets was created. SSI SCHAEFER is responsible for the entire steel construction.


Silo design for an impressive high-bay deep-freeze warehouse at City Terminal Rotterdam

Kloosterboer has an extensive history and has been in existence for more than 95 years. Over the years, the company has developed from a trading company for seed and ware potatoes and an exporter of fruit and vegetables into an international logistics service provider for cold storage and freezing. Kloosterboer has cold storage facilities at several locations and in several countries, and also offers other logistics services at various locations in Europe and around the world. 

The collaboration between SSI SCHAEFER and the logistics service provider Kloosterboer dates back to 2008. Over the years, SSI SCHAEFER has implemented numerous intralogistics solutions for Kloosterboer in the Netherlands, France and Sweden. In Rotterdam, SSI SCHAEFER implemented the Cool Port 2 satellite warehouse, which offers space for 60,000 pallet locations. Process optimization and efficiency in the warehouse played an important role.

The entire steel structure was planned by the engineers at SSI SCHAEFER, with the various subcontractors - from the construction company to the air conditioning and refrigeration supplier to the roof and wall supplier - being coordinated in advance. In addition to the construction of the steel structure, the external weather conditions at different building heights also had to be taken into account and the steel structures had to be able to support the wall and the roof with the solar collectors.


This project characterizes SSI SCHAEFER because the organization has the capacity and know-how for large and especially complex projects. SSI SCHAEFER can carry out projects where we only supply steel construction, but at the same time we are also able to supply conveyor technology, storage and retrieval machines or even software. Everything from a single source - with manufacturer excellence.

Jeroen Aarts
Project Manager SSI SCHAEFER
Jeroen Aarts
Project Manager SSI SCHAEFER


Impressive deep-freeze high-bay warehouse under construction

SSI SCHAEFER was chosen to carry out the entire steel construction. Around 4,200 tons of steel were supplied for the construction of the satellite warehouse. In this project, we advised on the intralogistics solution, created the design of the silo, supplied the steel sections, supervised the construction of the steel structure and provided project management by an IPMA-C certified project manager.


Read more about the construction of the satellite warehouse built for Kloosterboer in Rotterdam here.

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Kloosterboer Cool Port 2 Rotterdam

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