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Megatrend “Connectivity”: everything is connected

The world is increasingly organized into networks. Whether online or off-line, everyone maintains a diverse array of connections to others. While some only loose connections, almost all are digitalized. Smart devices, which are connected and communicate with each other via the Internet, are also becoming increasingly commonplace. In every area of life, whether professional or personal, they are interconnected and smart.


  • Digitalization – everything that can be digitalized is digitalized

  • Internet of Things – increasing communication among devices

  • Big data – intelligent analysis creates new insights and business models

  • E-commerce and mobile commerce – the growing demand for immediate delivery

  • SoLoMo (social, local, mobile) – the convergence of collaborative, locally-based, and mobile technologies

  • Lead management – essential for every company

  • Pop-up money – more and more “parallel currencies” are rising (such as Bitcoin)

Selection of current developments:

  • Market sectors and entire markets are converging, creating new ecosystems. Companies are developing into open value creation networks.

  • As a result of increasing individualization and “singling”, people are more frequently seeking contact in connection to other temporary communities based around a specific topic. Community thinking and a “club mentality” are becoming more important.

  • Connectivity and digitalization are inseparable. Increasing digitalization is creating new interfaces, surfaces, and action concepts. Work, communication, and cohabitation are constantly accelerating.

  • The link between the smart wearables and consumer goods together with forecasting software makes it easier for companies to determine individual needs and offer targeted products and services for the specific situation. This affects a diverse spectrum of industries and supply chains.

  • Analogue value creation processes, experience, products, and services are becoming increasingly digitalized. New business models are booming. New social media start-ups are launched almost every day. E-commerce is rapidly gaining market shares.

  • Friendships, consulting, and sales all take place increasingly online. Online networks and communities for special topics are becoming more and more important for customer contact.