Which trends characterize the present? What technological effects do they have? Please find here an outlook on tomorrow’s world and a number of forecasts from leading trend experts.

Innovations and Trends in material handling and logistics

Innovation, market development and transformation

At SSI SCHAEFER we always have our finger on the pulse. This enables us to offer our customers innovative products, services and solutions, which are tailored to address the challenges of different markets. Whether digital transformation, goods availability or warehouse automation, we are the competent partner for your company thanks to our in-depth, industry-specific expertise.


“Digital transformation” refers to the use of digital tools and technologies. The changes that digitalization brings are creating major challenges for companies while also offering incredible opportunities. Adapting to these times of change is the most effective way of maintaining and increasing a company’s success for the future.
At SSI SCHAEFER, we understand the characteristics of your industry and can assist you on your journey into the digital age.

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Customer Service & Support 4.0


The rapid rise and growth of online commerce has created fundamental changes for companies which come with a completely new range of challenges. In order to keep pace with these developments, companies have to enhance their efficiency and streamline their processes while also reducing costs. Your company can profit from and grow with e-commerce with a tailored intralogistics concept from SSI SCHAEFER.

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By automating the entire warehouse system or part of the warehouse, customers can lay the foundation for more efficient in-house material flows and enhance their productivity.

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Warehouse Automation


Warehouse modernization or “retrofitting” enables the successive renewal or expansion of facilities while also adapting them to the current conditions and market requirements. With an experienced and competent partner such as SSI SCHAEFER, retrofit projects can be carried out during operating hours. Expert knowledge in analysis, planning, manufacturing and implementation enhance the company’s performance in every area.

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Consistent goods availability enables companies to supply their customers rapidly and reliably. In the age of online commerce, this plays a key role. Suitable intralogistics systems. which are tailored to the needs of the industry and the customer will guarantee the necessary goods availability. At the same time, strong intralogistics also allows companies to defend and strengthen their position in the fiercely competitive e-commerce market.

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Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 refers to optimizing the value chain during the life-cycle of a product through digitalization.

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Whitepaper Artificial Intelligence

Read more about artificial intelligence in intralogistics in our whitepaper.

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