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Investing in safety is an absolute commitment that you can make to yourself while at work. For the latest trends and developments in warehouse racks and safety, SSI SCHAEFER ASIA has put together a series of trends and content that you can use to build the safety culture within your organization. Every month, our safety officers will also share opinions on how to nurture a safety culture in your organization, and how it can make a difference in fostering your supply chain resilience in the Warehouse Safety-Blog.

warehouse safety maintenance - rack inspection

Benefits of rack inspection

Racks are an integral part of the warehouse storage infrastructure. Equipped with racking systems that are well designed and maintained, managers can maximize the available space and optimize the warehouse for efficiency.


Workplace Safety starts with safer packaging in the warehouse

While profits have traditionally been the top concern for businesses, safety and sustainability have become mainstream issues of focus for companies. However, both of these goals are achievable with reusable packaging. Now more than ever, manufacturers and distributors should examine how warehouse safety can be improved by utilizing reusable plastic packaging and pallets.

how to create a safe workplace in a warehouse?

Making The Warehouse A Safer Place

It’s easy to take warehouse safety for granted. Unlike a construction site, a warehouse looks and feels safe. After all, there are no dangerous machines neither are the operations high risks. But the reality is accidents in warehouses occur rather frequently, though they are usually not fatal. In the rush to fulfil orders to meet ever tighter deadlines, slip ups occur. Lifting and moving heavy objects, going through the same motions repeatedly while lifting, reaching, pulling and pushing can result in muscle fatigue and injury.

Picture of pallet racking at QuantiParts

Make Warehouse Safety A Priority

As warehouses look and feel safe, it is so easy for warehouse employees to be lulled into a false sense of safety. Unlike shipyards or construction sites, the potential for life threaten accidents appear limited.

Picture of pallet racking at QuantiParts

Risks of skipping rack inspection

The inspection of warehouse racks and shelves is crucial for warehouse owners and operators. Most racks and shelves are static and sheltered from harsh weather conditions, however, the environment in which these racks operate is highly dynamic with frequent loading and unloading of load carriers. Should the racks fail, consequences may be serious.

Project Sonepar 2018, Mezzanine R 3000, Carton/container conveying system,

Optimize warehouse space effectively and safely

Your warehouse has maxed out, so what should you do next?
Finding a bigger unit is one option - but not the only one OR can you make better use of your existing facility? While both options require effort and planning, the latter can be more rewarding.
Should you decide to go down this path, where do you start and how do you begin?

rack and shelving damages you might have missed

Top 10 rack and shelving damages

Designed and made to last, warehouse storage racks are often taken for granted. Unlike forklifts or conveyor systems, which have planned maintenance schedules, warehouse storage racks are often overused. The damages are usually ignored or go unreported as they may reflect poorly on the person (s) involved in the incident.

Selecta Pallet rack and continuous rack Picking tunnel

Rack Reconfiguration – Dos and Don’ts

Daunting though it may be rack reconfiguration may be necessary with changes in product and SKU mix or with expansion in businesses. What was suitable when the racking system was first configured no longer applies and continuing to use it without making necessary changes may result in less than optimal warehouse performance.



Watch the video here to understand how are racks and shelving inspection done and what is covered in the rack inspection processes!

SSI SCHAEFER's racks are comply with European Standard and local standard as we know that safety is an essential investment for your business.

Follow our recommended warehouse safety protocols, inspection and maintenance processes, many warehouses have enjoyed a long standing record of undisputed supply chain.

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