Workplace Safety starts with safer packaging in the warehouse

While profits have traditionally been the top concern for businesses, safety and sustainability have become mainstream issues of focus for companies. However, both of these goals are achievable with reusable packaging. Now more than ever, manufacturers and distributors should examine how warehouse safety can be improved by utilizing reusable plastic packaging and pallets. 

Increase Supply Chain Safety
So how is improving safety tied to reusable containers and pallets? The answer comes from risks that are associated with wooden pallets and corrugated cardboard boxes. Both wooden pallets and corrugated cardboard have short-term appeal usually due to cheaper upfront costs, but they are subject to a handful of dangers that can leave you with lost product and injured employees. There is nothing affordable about that and your overall expenses will rise long-term.

Traditional packaging setbacks include:

  • Wooden pallet and container rot

  • Hazardous splinters and nails from broken pallets and containers

  • Water damage to cardboard containers and therefore damaged products

  • Falling products caused from weakened containers and pallets

Wet cardboard leads to damaged product, soiled cardboard disposal fees, and falling or ripped packages that lead to injury and more product loss. Wooden pallets aren’t designed for ergonomics and are much heavier, which can wreak havoc on personnel if they have to be lifted several times throughout a work shift.

Choose Safer Packaging Products

Something as simple as an ergonomic handhold allows you to lift product without injuring yourself and makes a huge difference. With the right packaging products, like SSI SCHAEFER containers, handholds give employees a safe and efficient handle on your goods — something not possible with cardboard.

Safer packaging also protects your products. With SSI SCHAEFER reusable plastic containers and pallets, companies not only gain sustainability but also provide safer peripherals for their entire supply chain. Although buyers beware, cheaper plastic containers and pallets may still pinch and splinter, creating dangerous shards that can injure your employees. Make certain that you are buying a product that has the strength needed to withstand rugged industrial everyday wear, but also light enough to decrease shipping costs and to deter injury. Also, look for sustainability. While SSI SCHAEFER products are more durable, SSI SCHAEFER products are 100 percent recyclable materials. Plus, SSI SCHAEFER offers a recycling program for products that can no longer serve your supply chain.

There’s no reason for your warehouse to be an un-safe haven for your employees and goods. With SSI SCHAEFER durable plastic containers and pallets, you are offering both the highest standard of ergonomics and protection — as well as sustainability!

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