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Retrofits made by SSI SCHÄFER are systematic and professional

SSI SCHAEFER’s top priority is the customer, especially when it comes to modernizing existing facilities. Our experts analyze the specific requirements to determine which retrofit activities are both necessary and effective – regardless of whether you have purchased the original system from SSI SCHAEFER or from another party. The new intralogistics concept is then planned, manufactured and implemented. SSI SCHÄFER updates your systems by replacing components, expanding the facilities or modernizing the IT. This solution is implemented rapidly, reliably and cost-effectively while also optimally integrating new material flows. We always collaborate with our customers to determine the timeline for carrying out the modernization activities to keep any disruptions to the processes to a minimum. At SSI SCHAEFER, we modernize your existing intralogistics system while it remains operational to reduce the downtimes for your company to the absolute minimum. Our experienced implementation team ensures that your retrofit project is carried out as planned and on schedule. This is a reflection of our company values because we are dedicated to our customers!