Human-Robotics-Collaboration - cyber-physical components

Megatrend “Individualization”

For more than 100 years, society has been characterized by the drive toward greater autonomy and self-determination together with the decline of classical hierarchy models. People shape and display their identity and personality through their consumption and the search for new connections. Important life decisions are postponed in order to retain as many options as possible for as long as possible.


  • Fabbing – individual manufacturing of products using 3D printers

  • Rapid manufacturing – the use of professional 3D printers for customized products 


  • Traditional lifestyles are changing as a result of the growing desire for a personal and “real life” together with the need for self-actualization. Workplace change, location change, partner change – biographies now consist increasingly of endings and new beginnings.

  • People utilize the Internet as a platform for self-portrayal and the publication of personal content. More and more do-it-yourself websites are created that emphasize the desire for uniquely designed objects for daily usage.

  • Freely chosen associations such as friends and topic-based communities replace the traditional family.

  • The commercial potential lies in the development of personalized products and services based on modular concepts.