Rack Safety Inspection and Procedures

Rack Safety Inspection and Procedures

The first step to a safe logistics and supply chain distribution should begin from the warehouse and all the employees in the company. The inventories storage are the investments that you put up ahead for your customers to remain confident in your supply chain, it is also a commitment of job security to your employees, therefore, it is imperative to implement a safety inspection for one of your biggest asset – YOUR WAREHOUSE!

To ensure the racks and shelving in the warehouses are safe to be in operation all year round, we encourage our customers to work with our racks safety officers to maintain and improve the existing storage systems. The safety enhancements will improve the efficiency in your everyday warehouse operation, comply to European Standards  (EN 15635) and achieve greater results.


This European Standard gives guidelines for operational aspects relevant to structural safety of storage systems. Such systems operate with heavy mechanical handling equipment working in close proximity to static storage equipment. This European Standard minimizes the risk and consequences of unsafe operation or damage to the structure. Some other forms of storage equipment are only partially covered and further consideration, beyond the scope of this European Standard, can be required. To learn if your installations comply to standards, contact us for more information.

Although the term inspection might sound overwhelming, the importance and the inspection results can make a vast difference between a day-to-day operation in a safe warehouse or a fatal one. A passed or a failed inspection of storage solutions can also become one of the key fundamentals to an effective and reliable supply chain. 

  • Rack inspection is carried out by our own officially certified racking system inspectors via a visual control.

  • The observation and results are documented within our Computerized Maintenance Management System (SSI SCHAEFER CMMS) tool and indicated by an inspection badge.

  • All relevant information, observations, identified defects/ needed improvements including respective photos are digitally stored within the SSI SCHAEFER CMMS App.

  • Finally, all recorded data is summarized right away in an automatically generated PDF report.

  • The report is reviewed together with you to talk about actions and solutions to address gaps/issues.

  • Additionally, the digitally stored data can be visualized and analyzed to derive profound conclusions.

  1. We will check on intended use of racking, ensure the quality, size and types of pallet used are meant for its purpose.

  2. The Load overhang and load stability are correctly used.

  3. The usage of materials handling equipment in relation to the design of the racking system are complied. 

  4. The beam levels deviation from original design, floor fixing, fixture and use of safety locks are indicated.

  5. Identify beam deflections, damage to the frames, beams, portal beams, pallet rails, arms, floor channel and etc.

  6. Calibrating the straightness of upright if they are found to be damaged

  7. Column guards and other protection accessories, signs of damage on floor and plumbness of rack at block/ rack ends are identified. 

  8. Provide an inspection report for auditing and other maintenance purposes.


Watch the video here to understand how are racks and shelving inspection done and what is covered in the rack inspection processes!

SSI SCHAEFER's racks are comply with European Standard and local standard as we know that safety is an essential investment for your business.

Follow our recommended warehouse safety protocols, inspection and maintenance processes, many warehouses have enjoyed a long standing record of undisputed supply chain.

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