Tesco Lotus - pick module system and conveyor

Revolutionizing Customer-Centric Supply Chain for E-Commerce

The lines between physical and digital worlds are blurring — shoppers will use whatever format best suits their needs for convenience, choice and value. Thailand’s most dynamic hypermarket chain, Lotus's, steps up its retail omnichannel distribution to bridge the gaps between channels and create a better shopping experience for customers.

To better align the experience across multiple platforms, Lotus's has made simplifying the order fulfillment processes possible through supply chain reinvention and optimization. On behalf of Lotus's, SSI SCHAEFER created a recipe for a flexible logistics concept: from the order handling to picking and shipping sortation.

While inbound pallets can be loaded directly into the Pallet Racks, the pick module system integrates various storage solutions inside the Mezzanine work platform system to provide efficient storage, retrieval and fast delivery the customer expects. The pick module system is multi-level, combining the elements of shelving system and Carton flow racks into one high-density footprint. Integrated with the design structure, the Carton and bin conveying system reduces wasted walk time for the pickers so that they can better focus on order picking tasks.

The bin Destacking machines enhance the order start process with constant automatic destacking and order sorting in one work step. Coupled with management technology has meant that error-free and traceable picking is now a possibility. While it only takes one misstep in the supply chain to cause a bottleneck and holds up the preceding departments, the WAMAS® logistics system plays a critical role in managing all the orders in the pipeline.

Today the solutions in Lotus’s facility strike the right balance for an omnichannel supply chain — the efficiency to optimize fulfillment operations and the agility to match customer’s needs throughout the Kingdom of Thailand.