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warehouse safety
  • Use only qualified forklift truck drivers and ensure that they work within their capabilities.

  • Ensure layout of racking system has adequate aisle widths and that the aisles are free from obstruction.

  • Check storage equipment regularly for any damages and for safety.

Bracing issue
  • Bracing should be installed in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions at all specified positions and shall not be removed or repositioned.

  • Ensure safe usage of material handling equipment by applying risk analysis techniques.

3.base plate issue.jpg
  • Ensure base plates are in contact with the entire floor area of the building or any prepared plinth.

  • Base plates should be packed up with suitable steel shimming or grouting under the entire planned area of the base plate. Specialists shall carry out the grouting.

  • Steel shims should be permanently installed under the base plates or, if preferred, sufficiently strong and shrink-proof mortar can be injected under the base plates.

  • Repairs should be carried out in a timely and effective manner.

4.beam issue.jpg
  • Implement a regime of careful, regular monitoring and maintenance.

  • Identify and rectify any damage promptly.

5. material cracks issue.jpg
  • Beams or connectors showing any signs of cracking should be unloaded and expert advice sought from the equipment supplier.

  • Damaged components should be replaced rather than repaired. Repairs to damaged components are allowed only when approved by the equipment supplier.

6. overloading issue.jpg
  • Load racks only within the specified capacity limit.

  • Beams will deflect under normal circumstances and loading conditions to a maximum limit of span/200. This deflection is elastic and should disappear when unloaded.

7. safetylock issue.jpg
  • Any missing or damaged locking devices should be replaced immediately to prevent accidental dislodging of beams.

  • A supply of beam locking devices shall be held in stock on site.

8.rust issue.jpg
  • Keep the indoor warehouse environment dry and well ventilated.

9. out of verticality of uprights issue.jpg
  • Ensure the out of verticality under load for all shelving and forklift truck rack installations, does not exceed 1/200. If exceeded, the supplier should be called on site for an inspection and design check.

10. condition of the building floor.jpg
  • The building floor shall have a degree of strength, stiffness, surface levelness and flatness suitable for operational purposes.

  • Safe load carrying capacities can change if storage equipment is relocated or if there is an increase in floor deformation. Consult an expert to determine a safe design of storage equipment suitable for the load carrying capacity of the floor.