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The challenges facing the industry require tailor-made solutions for complex material flows in production-related warehouses. Holistic concepts, which can be represented by manual, partially automated, or fully automated systems, are essential for intralogistics processes. 

Producing high-quality products as cost-effectively as possible while also saving time and resources – this requires new working methods, such as the intelligent use of man and machine. However, collaboration not only enables higher throughputs in production, but also short distances for employees and the time-saving use of human resources. In fact, this has a positive long-term effect on ergonomic work processes.

Intelligent solutions for internal material flow
The importance of logistics processes to value creation, in the automotive industry, for example, has been increasing for years. One solution to customer-specific challenges are automatic small parts warehouses, where a wide variety of articles can be stored in containers, boxes, and trays to save space. Conveying systems or automated guided vehicles (AGVs) connect them to the warehouse and production. Likewise in mechanical engineering, the increasing demand for mini or special series poses major challenges to logistics. Scalable shuttle systems ensure optimized warehousing with fast material transport and short access times – in short, efficient processes. The deciding factors here are above all flexibility in terms of capacity and the high performance of the shuttle systems – SSI SCHAEFER offers this with its high-performance shuttle portfolio.

Intralogistics 4.0
SSI SCHAEFER's solutions have long enabled the intelligent interconnection of people, machines, systems and products – which is at the heart of Industry 4.0. In this context, IT has a central role to play in terms of planning, management, controlling, and communication. Tailor-made and customer-specific software solutions from SSI SCHAEFER offer the complete spectrum from material flow control and warehouse management to consulting and execution based on the own warehouse management system WAMAS® or SAP. The logistics cockpit WAMAS® Lighthouse combines conventional visualization tasks with the presentation of logistics KPIs. This gives customers the ability to read and analyze the heartbeat of the system – a basis for confident decisions.

An autonomously navigating and intelligent solution
AGVs have become an integral part of the solution portfolio for automated intralogistics systems, providing forward-looking answers to the current challenges of intralogistics. In the industry, this means ensuring an intelligent flow of materials from the warehouse to production or assembly, right through to the shipping department. In the case of tight storage areas, flexibility is required above all – internal performance is then guaranteed as well. SSI SCHAEFER offers a wide range of AGVs for the various requirements and fields of application: WEASEL® for Euro containers or larger vehicles with fork lift or conveyor elements for pallets, as well as roll containers for transport, storage, and order picking tasks for large load carriers.


The automated guided vehicle WEASEL® from SSI SCHAEFER is the ideal solution for automating transport tasks in existing as well as new storage systems. Flexible and highly efficient, the WEASEL® guarantees the safe transport of your containers, cartons, and even hanging goods. You can also use the WEASEL® in other areas, for supplying or disposing production as an example.


Software Products

Whether WAMAS®, WAMAS® GO! or SAP EWM, software products from SSI SCHAEFER offer you transparent monitoring and control functions. These systems are designed to completely satisfy all your logistics requirements and optimally integrate into logistics processes.


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