Get and Pick

Multi-order picking procedure

1.    Picking:

Orders are picked in batches (1 container holds x orders) and transported by conveying systems for manual or automatic separation.

2.    Separation:

The products are removed separately from the batch container and placed on a conveyor that transports them directly into the Schäfer Scan Machine.

3.    Identification:

The products are identified and documented at a speed of 2.0 m/s.

4.    Sorting synchronization:

The products are simultaneously filled into the gondolas along with the sorter.

5.    Sorting:

Gondolas transport the products to the sorting destinations (1 destination = 1 order) and deliver the products to the correct destination. Read errors and other errors are transported to the error destination.

6.    Order completion:

The order containers are positioned underneath every sorting destination and are replaced manually or automatically via conveying systems. Incorrect products or orders are transported to a manual inspection station.