Picking & Handling

SSI SCHAEFERs' picking systems manual activities in the warehouse. This enables you to process your orders faster and more effectively.

Manual order picking of barcodes with RFID scanner

Picking systems for an efficient logistics chain and rapid order

Picking goods is one of the most costly and labor-intensive processes for both warehouses and distribution centers. That is why SSI SCHAEFER has developed a range of picking systems that effectively reduce manual activities in the warehouse. This enables you to process your orders faster and more effectively. The product portfolio covers the entire spectrum from manual to fully automated solutions:

Every SSI SCHAEFER picking system provides maximum productivity and an optimum material flow in your warehouse. Benefit from consistent quality, even during times of peak picking activity.

SSI SCHAEFER has been the market leader in picking solutions for pharmaceutical wholesale and mail order pharmacies for many years. Flexibility is our strength. We are not restricted to specific industry sectors. Instead we can also transfer our proven systems to other fields and applications.

Picking of hanging garments with RFID scanner

Manual Picking

Get and Pick

Semi-Automated Picking


Automated Picking

Material Handling for bins, totes and containers

Automated Handling

picking systems that effectively reduce manual activities in the warehouse

Despite all of the technology, humans remain an essential and economical factor when it comes to performing picking activities. Wherever people work with these systems, SSI SCHAEFER strives to provide the most ergonomically optimized work stations. This has given rise to the ergonomics@work!® concept. For example, semi-automated picking systems from SSI SCHAEFER focus on touch-friendly contact surfaces and ease-of-use.

Flexibility is an important criterion when selecting a picking system. This enables you to react rapidly and effectively to fluctuations in demand or changes to the product range. We are happy to advise you and assist with finding the best solution for your logistics requirements. Regardless of which system you ultimately choose, you can always rely on the sophisticated and proven technology from SSI SCHAEFER.

SSI SCHAEFER systems are available for, and combinable with, all common product groups and goods types. The picking systems are designed to harmonize perfectly with conveying systems and other SSI SCHAEFER components. The control systems and software are proprietary developments and range from SAP competence, WAMAS® to material flow calculators.

  • The right solution for every industry sector from manual to high-performance picking

  • Rapid and effective order processing

  • The highest productivity and flexibility

  • Consistent quality

  • Minimizes error frequency

  • Optimum material flow

  • Easy integration into existing systems

  • Easy maintenance

  • Ergonomic work stations

  • Comprehensive support

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