Start-Up for Innovative, Data-Based Solutions Founded in Graz, Austria

  • Expanding competencies in digitalization and technology with innovation start-up

  • SupplyBrain GmbH provides data-based solutions in the very shortest delivery time

  • Optimizing logistics processes, maintenance and energy consumption

Neunkirchen/Germany, Graz/Austria – In day-to-day logistics, companies are confronted with numerous challenges to which they must respond quickly and efficiently to avoid additional costs. The services of the recently founded innovation start-up SupplyBrain, part of the SSI SCHAEFER Group, strike a chord with countless logistics companies. SupplyBrain provides data-based software solutions that complement the company’s logistics software to optimize the core areas of the supply chain, increase efficiency and reduce operating costs.

In order to optimize the supply chain, SupplyBrain offers market-ready products with different approaches. A digital twin enables the companies to simulate alternative solutions and quickly determine the most efficient variant if, for instance, picking staff is absent due to illness or order structures change considerably due to varying market conditions. Another service component is the optimization of the maintenance strategy towards predictive maintenance. An AI-supported analysis of the utilization data determines the optimum maintenance window for the system components. Increasing energy efficiency is also part of the services offered by SupplyBrain. The optimized use of components is particularly important with regard to rising energy prices.

By founding SupplyBrain GmbH, SSI SCHAEFER invests in the expansion of their technology and digitalization expertise in the field of intralogistics. The start-up, led by Managing Director Mario Traar, consists of about 10 employees and is based in Graz, Austria, close to SSI SCHAEFER. Peter Edelmann, CEO of the SSI SCHAEFER Group, states: “We are excited that we act as a start-up incubator for SupplyBrain and thus expand SSI SCHAEFER's service portfolio to include rapidly available digital products and services. Systematic optimization of all processes and components strengthens the competitiveness of our customers and is an important step towards Intralogistics 4.0.”

SupplyBrain stands for the intelligent use of all the data which is accumulated in large quantities in the warehouse and often not used sufficiently as a basis for decision-making. The customers benefit from products and services that can be integrated smoothly into the company’s existing software. In addition to intralogistics software, SupplyBrain's solutions tap into artificial intelligence, simulation algorithms and real-time analysis of processes to provide a solid basis for short-term decisions for optimization in different areas.

Mario Traar, Managing Director of SupplyBrain, sees great potential in this area: “The future of logistics will not be constant expansion and coexistence of different systems, but rather the consistent networking and seamless integration of additional solutions. The products and solutions offered by SupplyBrain perfectly complement existing logistics software, such as WAMAS software by SSI SCHAEFER or SAP solutions.”

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